Still True Today

  The following is a quote that I think is particularly relevant to the situation we find ourselves in today here in the United States.

  ” The past shows unvaryingly that when people’s freedom disappears, it goes not with a bang , but in silence amid the comfort of being cared for . That is the dire peril in the present trend toward statism. If freedom is not found accompanied by a willingness to resist , and to reject favors , rather than to give up what is intangible but precarious , it will not long be found at all.”

  Richard Weaver, 1962

  Will the majority of citizens be willing to sacrifice Liberty , so that they can be cared for, by what seems to be a caring nanny state ?  Will they be willing to give up their right to choose where they work and for how much just so they no longer have to negotiate with insurance companies ?

 This sort of thinking can only lead to slavery, as we move more and more towards the state supplying our every need , then the state becomes our slave master. When we choose to depend upon the state to make our hard choices , we lose the ability and the right to make any choice.

 How long will it be that we can no longer decide where we will live and work. How long before the state will tell us that for the good of the “ALL” we must live here and work here , and no matter the conditions we can not quit or move because of the chaos that it would creat for the “ALL” .

 The state is right now attempting to tell us how we will protect our own health and how much we will pay to do it. The state is in the act of stealing away our most fundamental right, our right to choose . Those in power couch their argument that they are doing it for the less fortunate among us, that they are doing us a favor, that they know better than we , what is best for ourselves. We must find the courage and the faith to “resist and to reject favors “, if we have any hope of maintaining our freedom.


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