Government’s Deaf Ear

  The latest Rasmussen Reports poll has come out and shows that the health care plan that President Obama and the Democrats in congress are pushing continues to lose the support of the American citizens.

  In the latest poll only 41% of those polled support the plan, that is down from just two weeks ago when it was 44% .

  So even with the joint session of congress address that the President made, even with the never ending speeches that he is giving , it seems that the people fear that they have more to lose than to gain if government takes over control of the health insurance industry. This is proven in the poll also,68% of those polled said they rate their current insurance as good and are happy with the coverage they have.

 And yet the President and the Democrat controlled congress continue to make sausage.

 Despite the polling that says a majority of people don’t want it, despite the million people who marched on Washington, despite the people who came out to the Town Hall meetings to tell their Representatives and Senators that they didn’t want it, despite all of this the government continues to turn a deaf ear to the people.

 How long ? How long will they ignore the will of the people, how long will they ignore the fact that this is a representative republic and they are no longer representing the people who voted them in. They are now only representing the interest of those “IN” government, with no regard for the will of the governed.

  We as American citizens have a chance in 2010 to impose our will once again on these politically tone deaf politicians. We must vote for Liberty and against those in congress who would eliminate it.


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    where’s all the action–do you need me to stir the pot?

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Mr. Bennett , not sure what your question implies. But feel free to stir any pot you choose. We all stir our pots in different ways.

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