A Real Hands On Kind Of President

  That’s what President Obama is , a real hands on kind of president. He has been pushing his health care reform by making the rounds to all of the Sunday Morning news shows, all that is, except for Fox News Network. Can we say chicken ?

  He has called a joint session of congress and addressed  the American people on numerous occasions to make his sales pitch for what he has described as the most important issue facing the United States of America.

  Well in his view all of his hard work has paid off. He has now decided that the health care reform issue is in such good shape that he can now turn his attention to the next most important issue facing the United States of America, the 2016 Olympics .

 The President has decided to travel to Copenhagen , Denmark to lobby for the 2016 Olympics to be held not only in the United States, but in the President’s old home town of Chicago. He will be meeting the First Lady Michelle and the first lady of afternoon television Oprah in Copenhagen to make a pitch for Chicago. This after just about a week ago saying that health care was too important for him to leave at this time. So what changed ?

  I don’t know what has changed on the health care front but I do hope that this hands on President can wrap up this Olympic bid as soon as possible and bring his globe trotting bee-hind back to this country and do some real hands on work about the war in Afghanistan.

  We can be assured that the war in Afghanistan is ever on the President’s mind. Just look how much time he has devoted to just keeping in touch with the commanding general of that war, Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Why he has barely left the General anytime to run the war. President Obama has been calling the General once every seventy days, that’s exactly once since the General has taken command of the war. And that was a teleconference.

  That’s right once in seventy days, and this even after the General has stated in a report to the President that he must have more troops or face the real possibility that we will lose the war. And yet the hands on president has yet to contact the General, the same general I might add that captured Saddam Hussein and is credited with killing the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. So I would say he knows his stuff.

 So while he has been traveling all over the world and meeting right here with a bunch of tin dictators from the U.N. , President Obama has not been able to find the time to have so much as another teleconference with the man charged with winning what the President himself described as ‘the good war”, really ?

  Couldn’t get a secret flight into Afghanistan like Pres. Bush and others did into Iraq ? Couldn’t call the General home for a face to face ? Couldn’t pick up a satellite phone and give the General a ring?

 So while our troops over there, fight and die and while their General ask for more troops so that they can win, their Commander in Chief flies off on what amounts to another pleasure trip to Europe with his wife and friends. Wow that Airforce One is one cool plane.

  I hope while the President is wining and dining over there in Copenhagen that he doesn’t forget the thousands of our troops in trenches in Afghanistan who are waiting for him to make a decision about sending more troops so that the sacrifice that their comrades in arms have made will not have been in vain.


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