Nothing New From President Obama At The G20

  From all that I have seen and heard from Pres. Obama at the G20 forum in Pittsburgh , it would seem that even on the world level he has no new ideas.

  It would seem that he and many of the others within the Group of 20 are only interested in spreading socialism and fascism around the globe.

  President Obama it would seem, would like to see the G20 take over what has been historically the sovereign decisions of individual countries.

  President Obama has revamped his campaign speech once again , but it is basically the same theme. That the individual must relinquish their Liberty for the good of the “ALL”. In this case he is saying that individual countries ,i.e. the United States, must become a part of some global community “Home Owners Association” , where the nosey neighbors get to tell you what you can sell and who to and how much. The G20 wants to be able to set salary caps on CEOs, they want to set trade limits and demand that countries open their markets ,even to the exclusion of that country’s own manufacturers products.

 What Pres. Obama is looking for is a one world order, where all countries are equal. So again , nothing new here , just wealth redistribution on a grander scale. Pres. Obama is willing to allow smaller nations who contribute far less than the United States  to the world economy to have an equal say in how the United States runs its own affairs.

 This is no different from Pres. Obama’s plan to allow people who contribute nothing into the health insurance pot to have equal coverage as those who do contribute.

 Pres. Obama and those who think as he does , believe that it is somehow a bad thing for the United States to operate in a way that protects our own self interest, even at the expense of nations who would see us destroyed.

 It would seem that Pres. Obama would sacrifice what is in the best interest of the United States if enough of these little welfare states decided and voted that we should.

 The only thing that should guide this nation’s decision making on any issue , be it the economy or national security , is , what is in the best interest of the United States.

 These international organisations never work. The League of Nations failed. The United Nations is a failure because it allows nations such as Iran and any other terrorist sponsor to have an equal vote. These nation states such as Iran and Venezuela are never going to be in favor of anything that is good for the United States and yet Pres. Obama would turn over even more of our nations decision making to an international organisation such as the G20.

 I am not a protectionist , I don’t believe we can live behind a wall with no interaction with nations around the world. But I do not believe that we should ever turn over our right as a nation to make decisions to a group of world socialist and fascist. We should not allow our country to be forced into trade deals that benefit everyone but us. We should as the leading light of Liberty and capitalism be out in the world promoting both, not caving and bowing to these thug dictators . We should be promoting a free market system of capitalism, not a centralized market controlled by twenty governments , no matter what the member make -up of the group  happens to be.

 But how can we expect our president to go out on the world stage and promote a free market solution , when he is attempting to destroy capitalism right here in the United States ? We must remove this president’s ability to force his fascist agenda , not only on the United States but also on the world, by first removing his ability to pass legislation in this country. We begin that task by electing Liberty loving capitalist to congress in the 2010 mid-term elections and then we remove this dangerous president from office. That is unless  you want dictators from around the world making choices for the United States.


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