Do We Need To Know ?

 During the Bush administration we are told that many terrorist plots were thwarted. We were not given details about the terrorist or the exact plans of the terrorist , that is unless there was reason to raise the terror alert level.

  Now contrast the Obama administration. Right now there are at least three investigations, on going involving suspects from Colorado, Texas and Illinois.We are being given their names and details about the attacks that they had planned to carry out.

  Now we must ask ourselves, why the difference in the way these cases are being handled ? We can look at the success of the Bush administration’s handling of this sort of terrorist threat in that we were not attacked after 9/11, even though we know that terrorist were and are trying to attack this country.

 So why now are we being told so many details while the investigations are on going?

  I will give my opinion in time , but first let me say that there is a danger in revealing too much information too soon. Sometimes these terrorist are lone wolves . People with an axe to grind against their own government and with mental problems. But they can also be, as seems to be the case in the Colorado case , people with real ties to organized terrorist groups who’s only goal is to destroy the United States of America. In this latter case does it make sense to publish all of the details so soon ? Would it not be in our interest to try and roll these people over on more of their fellow terrorist. By announcing that these people have been captured all we have done is sent a warning to anyone who was involved, and I’m sure that they have turned to smoke and gone underground, if they have not already left the country. Or even worse , the capture of one terrorist could be the trigger that starts another plot.

  Now why handle these threats this way ? Well it could be that an administration that is in the middle of a debate over health care and who seems at times to be losing that debate and who is also seen as being weak on terrorist and their sponsor nations, could be looking to bolster their terror creds , while also controlling the news cycle and diverting attention away from the sausage making going on in the congress right now.

 Another danger of releasing too many details on every case that the FBI happens to be working is that either you begin to frighten the citizens too much or you run the chance of people becoming desensitized to the danger .

 So do we need to know every detail on every case the FBI is working ? No, not in my opinion. When the FBI and Homeland Security are sure that they have exhausted every possible lead that one of these suspects can offer , then tell me about them. Or if there is real concern that an attack is imminent , raise the terror alert level and warn people, but only in an attempt to save lives, not just to blow your own horn about what a good job your administration is doing in the fight against terror or to avert attention away from the fact that you are losing your battle to take down 1/7 of the national economy with health care reform.


2 Responses to “Do We Need To Know ?”

  1. meatball Says:

    What is the terror threat level today, Mr Ridge?

    Small correction, Frank. Just about since the anthrax attacks which made people fearful to open their mailboxes, we have been attacked by terrorists every day and successfully as evidenced by the steady stream of Americans returning in a flag draped box via DAFB.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    meatball , point taken. Those are soldiers and unfortunately soldiers die. They volunteer to fight the evil in this world so that people like you and myself can set safely at home and debate what it means to be free. Well what it means to be free is that we have brave men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and may God bless them for it.

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