45,000 Uninsured Deaths !

  It has been estimated that somewhere around 45,000 death in the United States each year are as a result of people having no health insurance.  It is thought that because they have no insurance they do not seek treatment for illnesses until it is already too late.

  For anyone to just throw this sort of number out there merely to support this nation’s push for universal health insurance is dangerous.

  Now many have countered this assumption of people dying due to the lack of health insurance by saying that every person who has ever died has most likely eaten carrots. While this is true and funny it really has no relevance to the argument of whether or not having health insurance can keep you from dying.

  It may be true that those 45,000 people who died didn’t have health insurance, but what of the millions who die every year who do have health insurance ? It would seem to me that it is a far greater risk to have health insurance than to not.

  Now there are many who will say my argument is absurd , well so it may be , but it is also absurd to couch your argument in such a way that you lead people to believe that if they don’t have health insurance they will die.

 We are all going to die, whether we have health insurance or not, whether we eat carrots or not, whether we live in California or Delaware. What I would prefer to do is to die with dignity and Liberty, with the freedom of choice to choose how I live and die , with as little government intervention as possible.

  The political left has often accused the political right of fear mongering , but in this case it is the political left that is guilty of fear mongering.


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