All Issues Are Relative III

   This is my third installment in this series of post , where I have attempted to show that every important issue can be seen from both sides of the conservative movement, fiscal and social. And that if treated as both a fiscal and a social issue then there is no issue that cannot be settled or problem that cannot be solved by the application of conservative values and principles.

  In my first post I showed that while abortion is clearly an issue that has a far reaching social impact , it also has a fiscal cost as well , and if you can’t see a reason to fight against it on a moral level , you should be able to fight against it on a fiscal level.

   My second post was an attempt to show that the health care reform being proposed in congress will bankrupt our nation , but also will change our society and the way we treat and care for the weakest among us.

  In this installment I will address the most important issue facing this nation today . The reason I see this as the most important issue, is due to the fact that it affects this nation on all levels, and is clearly an issue that has and will continue to drag us down both socially and fiscally.

  The issue is “ILLEGAL” immigration. I emphasize the word illegal because I want to make it clear that I have no problem with immigrants who come to this country seeking a better life and who come here through proper channels. Immigrants throughout this nation’s history have added to our culture and have made great contributions to our society and our economy.

  It is my belief and that of many others however that the massive influx of illegal immigrants into the United States has had and is continuing to have a negative effect on both our society and our economy.

  Illegal immigration is probably the hardest of all issues to dissect into either a fiscal or social issue due to the fact that many of the social ramifications also have a fiscal drawback .

  First of all the immigration that we are seeing today is far different then the massive immigration the nation went through in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. During that surge in immigration we saw people from many different nations and cultures , with different languages coming to America. They would self segregate into small communities within large cities , but since these immigrants came to America to be Americans they would learn english and would become involved in the larger communities. They would start businesses and hire employees. They were legal citizens who paid there taxes and wanted nothing more from the country then to be allowed to prosper. They added to the richness of our already diverse culture through their traditions from their homeland , be it food or dress. But always they saw theirselves as Americans. They obeyed our laws , they learned our language and they celebrated many of our traditions , be it food or dress.

  In other words they assimilated . What we are seeing today is an immigration of people for the most part coming from Central and South America , they share the same language and many of the same cultural traditions. Again they self segregate into communities within communities. But due to the fact that they have such a large support system that comes both from their small communities , but also from the state and Federal governments, they have less of a need to learn our language or to assimilate into our culture. They are shadow people, they are not citizens, they must lie to receive even an I.D. card. They must in many cases steal a citizens identity to be able to find employment. They have broken the law to gain entry into the nation , and must continue to break laws to remain here.

  Most of these illegal immigrants have no desire to become Americans , they have come here only to make some money and to send it back to their home country to their families. They have no need to learn english because companies that hire them already have a large number of immigrant employees that can speak the language of their homeland and the government is willing to print and translate almost every document into their language.

  So what is the cost to America for ignoring this issue , and for the most part our Federal and state and even our local governments have ignored this issue, in some cases they have actually encourage these immigrants.

  On the social level we see the impact of these illegal immigrants who do not assimilate through the fact that they cannot truly participate within communities. If they cannot speak the common language then they cannot join groups such as the PTA or other community organizations that have an effect on all of us. This lack of language also breeds suspicion on the part of not only the immigrant but also the native citizens. If we can’t speak to our neighbor then we will imagine all sorts of things.

  The fact that they are here illegally also means that they are less likely to call for help from the police when they are the victim of a crime, this leads to criminals who become emboldened and soon will be victimizing all of us.

  It serves us as a nation in no way, to have this sub culture living among us, they are little more than slaves. They are forced to work for much lower wages than legal citizens and have no real recourse when they are cheated. Allowing this to happen cheapens our Constitutional promise of “the pursuit of happiness”. They cannot add to our nation because they are not truly a part of our nation,  in many cases they bring crime to our shores, and even if they are law-abiding people for the most part, they broke the law to get here and will pass that on to their children, which will instill a mentality that it is okay to lie , this is not the way to raise children and it is no way to build a strong and long lasting nation.

  Now as to the fiscal side of this question, well that is so much easier to address.

  It may be impossible to accurately state the exact cost to the United States from illegal immigration, but it is clearly a burden on our economy.

  First realize that much of the money that the immigrantss who have jobs earn, goes back to their home country and not into our economy. Many of them work for cash under the table and so are not taxed. What this means is , that these hard working people are not contributing to the overall good of the economy.

  Now we are all aware that due to our government turning a blind eye and refusing to check for citizenship that many of these illegal immigrants are receiving government funded social services, be it welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, or any number of programs. They use our emergency rooms driving up the cost of health care for true citizens, their children attend our schools driving up the cost of education . They drive our highways in un-insured vehicles having accidents and killing our friends , neighbors and loved ones.  They take away jobs from citizens and drive down wages by working for slave wages .

  The cost to our nation , both fiscally and socially is growing and if President Obama has his way the cost will be multiplied . If the President gets his health care reform through congress and then passes amnesty we will see a flood of immigrants coming into this nation like never before.

  This is why it is so important that we have candidates that can see that it is time to speak out not just for fiscal conservatism , but also for social conservatism, candidates that can see that all issues are relative.

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    Excellent !!!!

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    Great job! I totally agree!

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    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂 🙂

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