Is President Obama Lying ?

   During his address to a joint session of congress President Obama made it clear that his health care plan would not pay for health care for illegal immigrants. Of course we are all aware of Rep. Joe Wilson’s shout of “you lie” , after the President made that statement.

  Now the question is , was the President lying? Well I guess that depends on what your definition of lying is.

  In a speech given this week the President again stated that his plan would not cover illegals, but went further to say that this discussion demonstrates the need for “comprehensive immigration reform”, that’s code speak for amnesty . The President came out with this extended version of his denial of coverage for illegals after he was publicly scolded by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) ,for his statement during the joint session. If you are not sure what NCLR is just think of ACORN with an accent.

 So it would seem that the President is parsing words. When he says that his plan will not cover illegal immigrant he believes it, because it would seem that his next move would be to grant amnesty to millions of illegals already in the United States and then give them health care. Now you can call this political speak or double speak or any other justification the left chooses to use but if your teen age child gave you a line of crap like this you wouldn’t stand for it. It is lying by omission at best , but is lying just the same , and Joe Wilson should be hailed for his act of defiance.

  Any plan that would extend health care to illegals or that would grant amnesty and then extend health care to those who came here illegally would only encourage more illegals to rush across the borders. Of course groups such as NCLR would welcome this as would the Democrat party and all unions that see the illegals as potential new members.

 We must vote this current crop of leftist radicals out of office in the 2010 elections so as to weaken the President’s ability to pass such detrimental legislation. In the meantime we must continue to speak out against this radical agenda so as to build support to do just that.


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