Guilt By Association ?

  Rev. Wright ?

  Bill Ayers ?

   Van Jones ?

    A long list of far left radical appointees ?

    Numerous appointees who defrauded on their tax returns ?

   I was taught that you are known by those you associate with. The old clich’e of  “birds of a feather flock together ” does hold true.

  This president has chosen over the years to align himself with nothing but communist and socialist and fascist and any America hating group that comes down the pike. Groups and people who have demonstrated that they have no respect for the law and some such as Bill Ayers who actively broke the law. People and groups who have stolen from this country , who have spoken out against this nation in an attempt to bring this nation down and again people such as Ayers who actually bombed government buildings with no regard for human lives because he and his fellow terrorist considered the people working in those buildings “PIGS”.

  We can now add the organization known as  ACORN to this growing list of  groups and people who President Obama has chosen to support and to be supported by . ACORN has now been proven to have no respect for the law of the land or any guiding moral code through the release recently of the investigative filming of their local outreach offices.

 The film maker posing as a pimp with his prostitute asked for and received advise on how to scam the system to receive money to run a whore house, they were also given advise on how to defraud the IRS, and when told that the pimp was smuggling under age girls into the country to be used as sex slaves the ACORN people again gave advise on how to do this without being caught.

  ACORN  says that it is nothing more than a community out reach organization that works to help people register to vote and to help others to find housing and jobs. This is a  group that supported the then candidate Obama in his campaign for the presidency. This is also a group that is in line to receive billions in stimulus money from the Federal government and the President also intends to use ACORN to collect the upcoming census.

  So is President Obama guilty by association ? You decide . Ask yourself , are we best served by a president who has a racist for a minister , a radical terrorist for a friend, avowed communist for an appointee and an organization such as ACORN in charge of taking the census, which will decide congressional redistricting ?


One Response to “Guilt By Association ?”

  1. Pat Fish Says:

    I don’t know that we can do anything about it. Any fool could have told where Obama was coming from by Revrun Wright alone. Then there was Michelle Obama and her new love of her country.

    The warnings were there and he’s the duly elected president.

    But ACORN lost its funding and the new medial will likely see that they don’t emerge under another name. Cause there’s no rule that says we got to keep all his corrupt organizations in power.

    Now we got to rid of his czars.

    America elected this guy. We got to suffer through this mistake.

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