Listen To The People Presdient Obama

  With the march on Washington D.C. on 9/12 /09 we have seen just the latest expression of the American people’s disapproval of Pres. Obama’s handling of our economic crisis.

  We have seen this President bailout lenders and we have seen him nationalize a large part of the auto industry. In his latest move he is attempting to socialize 1/7th of our national economy and to take control of some of our most personal choices with his health care / insurance take over.

 In each case we have seen more and more Americans come out against his plans to restrict our Liberty.

  We have seen the TEA Parties, we have seen the Town Halls and now we have seen a mobilization of over a million people to march on Washington. And despite what the President’s supporters say about these demonstrations of the people’s discontent , they are largely a grass roots movement with minimal organization , but  are driven by the people’s fear of an ever growing and un-responsive government.

  I am not normally a fan of polling , but when I see polling that actually reflects what I see and hear around me then I lend them a little more credence.

 A just released Zogby poll shows that Pres. Obama’s support for health care reform has shifted to opposition .

  Of those polled , when asked should the government require all Americans to be insured, 70.2 disagree.

   75% said there should be no higher taxes to pay for any reform.

  As to the President’s proposal to create the ” Independent Medicare Advisory Council ” , or as they have been labeled “death panels” , 59% oppose the creation of anything that would get between the patient and their doctor in making life and death decisions.

  Also within the polling, the respondents were asked about Republican ideas.

  Being able to buy insurance from companies from outside your home state , 82.8 were in favor.

 78.5 want Tort reform.

 77.3 oppose the idea of taxing employer-provided health care benefits.

  Now when you take the polling that has been trending against the President’s health care plan and link it with what we are seeing in “THE STREET”  it would seem pretty clear that a majority of Americans are not in favor of this President’s agenda.

 So President Obama , are you a President for the people, one that will listen to their wishes ? Or are you a little tin dictator that thinks he knows better than the people what is best for them and their families ?

 This President and this Democrat controlled congress have come to a cross road in America’s history. Will they choose the road of Liberty and prosperity , or will they choose the road of economic and social ruin ? I have to say that from what we have seen so far of the arrogance of both the President and this congress we may be in for a very bumpy ride , but it is not too late to grab the wheel back from them and to steer this nation back onto the road of greatness that it has always been destined to travel.


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  1. agl444 Says:

  2. meatball Says:

    I think you million marchers figure is a little high, Frank.

  3. agl444 Says:

    This is a great blog post, I completely agree!

  4. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, you don’t defend the President’s policies or dispute his fascist agenda , you quivel over the number of marchers ? The point is that there is a growing number of citizens that are awakening to the fact that this president is dangerous to our nation’s welfare.

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