Ruth Briggs-King Wins !!

  Republican  Ruth Briggs- King has defeated her Democrat opponent Rob Robinson to become the Representative for the 37th District of Delaware.

   Mrs. King received 53.6% of the vote or 2,429 votes , Mr. Robinson received 46.4% or 2,105 votes. The turn out was 33% of eligible voters.

   Not a huge turn out but it was a special election with a short run up, also it had a bit of compotition. You had the march on Washington by those fed up with the Fed and you had the Nanticoke Pow Wow . 

   Also this was not exactly a blow out for Mrs. King with the vote split almost down the middle.

  It’s not exactly a surprise that Mrs. King would win in the 37th since she had the support of former Representative Joe Booth who was well liked in the district.

  But it does give Republicans and conservatives hope that we may be on the leading edge of a revival of conservative values, not only in the state of Delaware but also in the nation.

   Mrs. King represented herself as a fiscal conservative and wasn’t afraid to voice her views on social issues when asked by myself and those in the media. And yet she still won the office.

  Could we be seeing a trend here in Delaware with the two special elections of a reaction to the over spending and over reaching of both the state and national governments ? We saw the district held for over thirty years by Democrat Thurman Adams go to a Republican Joe Booth, though there were issues with the Democrat candidate ,and we have seen this election for the 37th go to a Republican who clearly is not afraid to define herself as a conservative.

  If we look at the events in this state and the events sweeping the nation from the TEA parties, the Town Hall up roars and the march on D.C. , I don’t think it is stretching it too much to say that the people are starting to recognize the fact that the Democrats and certain Republicans i.e. Mike Castle do not share the views of the majority of Americans when it comes to the direction we want this nation and state to move in.

  Congratulations  , Ruth Brigg-King.


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