If He Spends It , They Will Come

   Yesterday in Washington D.C. an estimated one million people came to march in the streets of our nations capital. They carried signs and wore costumes. They chanted slogans that were intended to get their point across to the administration and to the people in congress who have gone too far.

  This million people march was not in protest of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan , it was in protest of the war being waged right here against the people’s freedom . A war being waged not by some outside entity but being waged by those elected and sworn to protect the very freedoms that they are attempting to strip us of.

  First let me say how grateful we all should be to the patriots who took the time to get on buses and planes and who car pooled to go to this rally for freedom. I and many others could not go due to having jobs or maybe the elderly who couldn’t march or for whatever reason. Let me say thank you. Even though I couldn’t go because of my job , I still feel guilty for not being there.

  This was a march that was put together in response to President Obama’s health care take over, but it was also in response to the Federal governments total disregard for the constitution and the ever growing size and scope of government. The people who marched and those they represented are sick and tired of the spending and the loss of our freedoms . This march was intended to send a message to the President and those in congress that the American people are not going to go along blindly or quietly into a fascist state.

  Many on the left will attempt to label this march as they have done in the past as just a bunch of right wing nut cases or a bused in mob. Okay , that’s fine. Let’s think about this though, if the estimate of one million is even close and the people who actually went represent only one percent of all the people in the country who are fed up with the Fed, then you are talking one hundred million people who are against this health care plan and much more that this administration has done or proposed to do. Not too shabby!

  Yes this march was about our tax dollars and how they are spent and yes it was about not wanting to see government grow even larger through the implementation of what will end up being the largest government take over in the history of this nation of a private industry , maybe in the history of the world.

  But what this march was really  about ,was and is, FREEDOM!  These are people who understand that what the rampant run away government represents is a complete loss of our freedom of choice in all aspects of our lives. The freedom to choose the type of car we drive, the type of toilet we flush , the type of light bulb we read by, and now , AND NOW ! THEY WANT TO DECIDE THE KIND OF MEDICINE YOU TAKE , THE KIND OF TREATMENT YOU RECEIVE , AND THE TYPE OF END YOU HAVE AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE !

   If we stand quietly by and allow them to take, no , if we continue to turn over our freedoms to them we will soon see the day that they will be telling us exactly what we can an cannot eat and  drink , they will be telling us the type of recreation that is safe and not too costly in risk to the nation’s health care system.

  On 9/11 the President had the nerve to take what is to many of us a solemn occasion for remembrance of those who died in the terror attacks against this nation eight years ago and to turn it into and to call for it to be a day of national service. That’s correct , this President who seems to care nothing for the traditions and history of this great nation also it would seem cares nothing for those lost in that attack. He cares so little for the individuals who lost their lives that day that he feels that it is fine to appropriate the day to further his fascist agenda.

  He calls on every American to sacrifice on the individual level to somehow regain the unity that we all felt on 9/12 against those who had attacked us.

  Yesterday in Washington D.C. on 9/12 we saw individuals come together in a show of unity against those who would enslave us through government regulation and a tax code that has gone far beyond being just punitive .

  Yesterday in Washington D.C. we saw the truest form of national service exercised by true American Patriots who understand that to do nothing is to loose everything.

 Again let me say to the million who went , for the millions who were with you in spirit , thank you !!!!


3 Responses to “If He Spends It , They Will Come”

  1. agl444 Says:

    Thank you for your opinion! I completely agree and wish I could have been in DC for the march!

  2. agl444 Says:

    Also, great Field of Dreams reference!

  3. frankknotts Says:

    agl444, I too wish I had been able to go, but we all have a part in fighting against this administrations agenda of deconstruction. We have the power and for at least right now the freedom of speech. Talk to your friends and neighbors, encourage them to become involved and to seek out as much information as they can from as many different sources as possible. I recomend that if you and others really want to see where this president is coming from and what his agenda truly is then read about Mussolini the Italian dictator and the father of Fascism.

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