No! No ! No ! No !

 As the President continues to recycle his same tired rhetoric about the need for government run health care , the Republicans have been labeled the party of  NO! And I’m good with that.

  No! is exactly the right answer to any proposed health care reform that involves a public option or a mandate that every person be insured.

 On the surface these may seem like good ideas, at least to bleeding hearts who are more in favor of government running our lives , instead of people taking personal responsibility for their own lives.

  During Pres. Obama’s address to the joint session of congress he made the statement that opponents of his plan were spreading false information about the plan. When the President got to the part where he denied that the plan would cover illegal immigrants , South Carolina , Rep. Joe Wilson shouted out “you lie “, and while this was a break in congressional decorum I have to say I cheered while watching at home. It was about time some one called the President out on what are clearly lies. Many people are upset that Rep. Wilson would dare to call the President a liar, yet these same people had no problem with the President calling his opponents liars.

 Let me just say that if Joe Wilson ends up running for President he gets my vote.

  Now as to whether the President’s health care plan will cover illegals or if it will pay for abortion, or if it will have panels of death , well that is why we must say no to any government run plan.

  Let’s say that right now the plan doesn’t pay for illegals , even though it has no enforcement in it to prevent them from being covered.

  The danger of allowing any form of a government run health care plan to be put into place is that in the future the government can then come back and amend it .

  Just look at the argument being used today. All of the un-insured people are putting a strain on the system and running up the cost of health care for the rest of us. So let us say we implement this health care plan today with no coverage for illegals, then ten years down the road the next Democrat President comes back and says, well the reason that we haven’t been able to lower the cost of health care is due to the fact that all of these illegals who we don’t cover are driving up the cost. Oh and by the way due to the fact that our population is rising so fast it would actually be cheaper to fund abortions then to cover the new born.

 The reason we must always limit the amount of government in our lives is because once the fungi of government control has been allowed to establish a foot hold in our lives it will spread and take over every aspect of our lives until our lives are no longer our own.

 So I think that the only strategy to fight this fascist takeover of our medical choices is to continue to say NO! NO! NO! NO NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!


3 Responses to “No! No ! No ! No !”

  1. Tim J Says:

    I was in DC today and there were over a million of us saying, NO, NO, NO!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Thank you Tim and the million other Patriots.

  3. Shirley Says:

    The best sign I saw (I wasn’t there, it was posted on a blog somewhere) was: “I’m Not the Party of No: I’m the Party of Hell No !”.

    Thanks to all who attended the rally in DC.

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