Pres. Obama’s Big Show

  Well tonight is the night “FOLKS” , tonight the President goes before a joint session of congress and the American people to once again try to sell his idea of health care damnation.

  I say his idea, though up until now he hasn’t actually had one. He has sat back and allowed congress to run around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off , while the people have stated very clearly what they don’t want, and all the while he has been silent except for saying that we must do this and do this now.

  So will tonight be when the President unveils his master plan for health care? Or will it be just another teleprompter rendition of his list of lies ?

  Will he tell us once again how he will reduce the cost of health care without reducing the quality or the amount of services ? Will he again tell us how his plan won’t pay for abortions or for medical care for illegal immigrants ? Will he tell us that end of life choices will be entirely up to the patients and doctors .

  I’m sure that he will tell us all of these things. But the two biggest questions that the people are waiting to have answered are , one will he continue to push for the public option which is destined to bankrupt the nation.

 But the largest question and one that no one can answer , and the one the people of this nation should be most concerned with is, HOW WILL WE PAY FOR THIS ?

  Listen very closely my fellow citizens , for I believe that the President may actually have to hint at how he intends to pay for this massive project.

 Oh he won’t tell us in so many words but if we listen carefully we may be able to read between the lines.

 There is no way to pay for this plan. We are already in debt up to our eyeballs and running a deficit projected to be eight trillion and growing.

 We are constantly told that we must do this for the future of this nation. But to do this and to leave this debt for our children and their children is reprehensible.

 So as you watch the President tonight keep asking yourself, yeah but how do we pay for this?


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