President Obama Can Really Pick’em

  Another person who the President had the utmost confidence in has resigned .

  The President’s choice to be the “green czar” , Van Jones has said that due to the “vicious smear campaign ” against him, you know the truth , he will step aside so as not to distract from the President’s overall agenda , that being the health care lie.

  Mr. Jones was pegged to be the person in charge of directing the country down the road to ruination of our energy policies .

  The so called “vicious smear campaign” involved exposing derogatory comments that Mr. Jones made about Republicans in the past, but the real issue surrounds the fact that his name appears on a petition from 2004 calling on congress to hold hearings to investigate whether high level government officials allowed the terror attacks of 9/11 to occur or were involved in any way in the attacks.

 Mr. Jones in a statement  about the petition said , ” it certainly does not reflect my views, now or ever.” So what , did he sign the petition in his sleep , was a gun held to his head ? Is he saying that a person who would sign a petition for something that does not reflect their views should be put into a position of power to make decisions that would effect the entire nation.

  Let’s be honest here , Mr. Jones like so many of the Presidents choices is a far left loon.

  With this resignation we on the conservative side have dealt another set back to a President who is attempting to deconstruct our nation’s economic system, this can only be a good thing.


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