One Week From Today !

  Just one week from today the voters from the 37th Representative District of Delaware will be going to the polls to fill the seat left vacant when Joe Booth was elected as the newest state Senator.

  The voters will be making a choice between Republican Ruth Briggs -King and Democrat Rob Robinson.

   The election is being held on Sept. 12th, this also happens to be the day that there is a large TEA Party rally scheduled to be held in Washington , D.C.

  So anyone who lives in the 37th and planning on going to Washington , be sure to vote absentee.  And as I had this pointed out to me earlier today, this could affect Mrs. King more than Mr. Robinson due to the fact that the TEA Party rally will attract more people likely to vote for Mrs. King.


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  1. Chris Theis Says:

    Anyone who wants to know how these candidates stand on family issues, can go to and print a voter guide. However, candidate Robinson, evidently didn’t feel it necessary to respond to the survey, so call or email his campaign directly to find out where he stands on issues that are important here in Sussex County.

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