Oh ! President Obama , Save Me From Myself !

   Today in his weekly radio address , Pres. Obama laid out his latest plan to save us poor ignorant little people , who in his view are too stupid to live.

  He starts off by telling us that the economy is showing signs of turning around. He actually uses the fact that unemployment rose at a slightly slower pace then predicted.

  The main thrust of his message though was about the fact that due to the down turn in the economy people have lost money in their 401K’s , also he points out the fact of how few people can afford to save for retirement or have no access to workplace savings plans.

  First let me point out the irony of this address. First we are told we must infuse money into the economy to stimulate growth, now we are told we aren’t saving enough. Which is it Mr. President ? Also the reason we can’t save more is due to the fact that the government is taking so much of our money in taxes.

  Now for the solution to all of our problems. As always with this President the answer is more government meddling.

  The President suggest that and I quote, ” if you work hard and fulfill your responsibilities , this country is going to honor our  ( COLLECTIVE)responsibility to you to insure that you can save and secure your retirement.” Wasn’t that called Social Security

 One more personal responsibility taken over by  ” NANNY STATE . ”

  Now of course Pres. Obama has a plan. He says he wants to make it easier for small businesses to do what larger businesses do, allow workers to automatically enroll in a 401K or individual retirement account.  He wasn’t exactly clear (so unlike him) , on whether or not this would be another mandate or if there would be an incentive for the business to offer this. Most company 401K’s have matching company funds up to a certain amount. If this is a mandated policy then it is yet another hit on small businesses.

  His next option for improving the perceived problem is to allow you to check a box on your tax return that would allow you to receive your tax refund in the form of a U.S. Savings Bond to be directly deposited in a retirement account. I don’t know about you but as for me , with the current state of the government’s handling of their house I think I’ll take the cash please.

  The President also says that he will work to pass legislation to allow workers to have payments for unused vacation and sick days to be deposited directly into a retirement account. I don’t know about where you work but my company’s policy is that they don’t buy back vacation or sick time. So are we looking at yet another mandate , or maybe we should start calling them “ROYAL DECREES . ”

  President Obama’s final piece of the plan to take over the retirement industry  , I feel another czar coming on, is to work with congress to insure that nearly every American has access to a retirement savings plan through his or her job. He will do this by making it possible for workers to automatically enroll in IRA’s through payroll contributions.  Now who do you suppose will be paying for all this extra administration cost to keep track of the contributions ? Also add in the cost to the tax payers ,   because you know the IRS will have to be expanded to regulate all of this new tax law.

  The President also wants to simplify and expand . What did I just say ? He wants to “SIMPLIFY AND EXPAND”  a tax credit for millions of families, that will match  half of a family’s savings up to one thousand dollars per year and depositing the tax credit , that’s right , directly into a retirement savings account.   HELLOOOOO!!!!!!!! WHERE THE HELL DOES HE THINK THE $1,000 OF MATCHING FUNDS COMES FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE ? THE TAX PAYERS OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  Now think this through people, his plans all include direct deposit of your money into an account, there will of course be penalties for early withdrawal , that’s standard. But now ask yourself , who is really in charge of the banking industry right now? That’s right your good friend  “NANNY STATE “.

  So let me see if I’ve got this right, you work for your wages which are taxed by the government. So much so that you can’t afford to save any money. So the government is going to take more of your money so that it can give it back to you , but not to you , back to itself , by way of the banks that it took over .

   People wake up . You are witnessing the dismantling of democracy and capitalism by a man we call our President , but who it would seem would be our Dictator.


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