What Are We Celebrating ?

   On Sept . 20th a group of Chinese nationals will raise and solute the flag of the Peoples Republic of China to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of that communist nation.  This particular celebration won’t be held in Beijing the capital of China , and it won’t be held at the Chinese Embassy.

  This particular celebration will be held on the lawn of the White House, yes that White House. This group of Chinese nationals will raise and solute the flag that has flown over the communist regime for sixty years , on the lawn of one of the  most iconic symbols of our freedom.

  This flag has been responsible for mass murder , for mass re-locations of people from their homes to live where the communist state decided that they should live.

  This flag has funded and supplied other communist countries that American soldiers have fought and died against.

  This flag that represents an economic and social system that’s only goal is to destroy our capitalist system. This is the flag that has been given permission to be raised above the people’s House.

  We are not talking about displaying a flag of another nation  while being visited by that country’s dignitary, we are talking about allowing the celebration of communism to be held on the grounds of the White House.

  For how many years have the communist dreamed of some day being able to fly their flag over our capital? How can we allow this to happen even in a symbolic manner ?

  This should not be allowed , it is an insult to every man and women who fought and died to protect our nation from the spread of communism.

  It is a disgrace that this President has no more consideration for the people of his own nation then to allow this to happen.


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