We Should Never Forget

  Last night in Georgetown , Delaware there was a shooting at the local Mc Donald’s . As police responded three suspects fled in a car heading into the center of  town. At some point the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fired shots in the direction of the two officers who were giving chase.

  Both officers were hit by the gun fire. Cpl. Shawn Brittingham was wounded and is being treated at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes.

   Unfortunately patrolman Chad Spicer , twenty nine years old , was mortally wounded.

  Two of the suspects were apprehended last night . The police are continuing to search for the third suspect Christopher Reeves of Ellendale, who is described as a black male, 5′ 8″ and weighing around 140 pounds .

 First let me extend my thoughts , my sorrow and my prayers to the family and friends of both Cpl Brittingham and especially to the family of Patrolman Spicer.

  As we near the anniversary of 9/11 , a story such as this reminds us once again of the courage of the many among us who on a daily basis put their lives at risk to protect ours.

  Immediately after 9/11 there was and rightly so a surge of appreciation for the police and firefighters in our communities. But like so many times in our lives as we move further away from a moment in time we tend to lose the emotion of the moment. Well let me take a moment here to remember .

  Let us remember that there are people out there day and night who answer the call to chase shooting suspects. Who answer the call when you hear a noise outside your window at two in the morning. There are people who rush into burning buildings to save the lives of children and adults alike. They are the people who hold your hand as others cut the crumpled car apart so that they can get you out.  They are also the men and women who go to foreign lands to protect our freedom here at home. Many of these people are volunteers.

  We should never forget that these people who on a daily basis risk their lives are also fathers , brothers and sons. They are mothers, sisters and daughters. They have family waiting at home for them and all too often they never come home , just like Patrolman Spicer. They get up and put on some form of a uniform and go out expecting to do their jobs and then to return to the home and hearth. Many leave children behind but all leave behind those who knew them and those who loved them , but they also leave behind those like myself who respect them and appreciate them for all that they do and in cases like this one, for their ultimate sacrifice.

  Thank you to the men and women of law enforcement , firefighters, EMTs, all first responders and to the men and women of the Armed Forces.

  We should never forget to say thank you.


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  1. Ed Heath Says:

    Thank you Frank for this comment! How easily we forget the value and service of these fine people serving our society!

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