The Nerve Of Some People

  Did you ever play a board game with an older brother or sister who kept changing the rules to suit their-selves and to make sure they won. You know on one roll of the dice they would pass go and collect two hundred dollars , but on your turn they would say it only applies to the person who’s piece went past first or some such nonsense.

  Well that is what the Democrats in the U.S. Senate and the Democrats in Massachusetts, including the Governor Deval Patrick are attempting to do.

  With the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy the U.S. Senate Democrats have lost a critical 60th vote for passing health care destruction legislation. So their fellow Democrats back in Massachusetts are attempting to change state law , once again to suit their own needs.

Back during the election of 2004 when they thought John Kerry might win the presidency they changed the law to require a special election to fill his seat to keep Republican governor Mitt Romney from appointing a replacement.

 So now that the governor is a Democrat they want to change it back to allow the governor to appoint Sen. Kennedy’s replacement. Oh ! Did I mention that it was Sen. Kennedy that was the leader for having the law changed back in 2004, you know to protect the people’s rights.

  This sort of total disrespect of the rule of law only erodes the people’s faith in the process. If we continually change the laws to the benefit of the party in power then we demonstrate that power is our only goal and not the betterment of the nation.

  Now I know that the people of Massachusetts are a fairly liberal group but I would hope that in the cradle of democracy that most of them would want to honor our founding fathers and put a stop to this deplorable behavior.


13 Responses to “The Nerve Of Some People”

  1. Ed Heath Says:

    Did you expect anything different? Now that the Democrats are in charge, power has gone to their heads, thus replacing ethics and integrity!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Ed , that is why an educated public is the only defence against thi type of hypocrisy.

  3. meatball Says:

    I think the first law change at the behest of Senator Kennedy was deplorable. The legislation proposed here actually makes sense. This special won’t occur until January. The people of Massachusetts will otherwise be underrepresented in the Senate until January. Alot can happen on the national stage in that time and those citizens have the right to be represented.

    I think the founders would approve of the second change, but possibly not the first.

  4. meatball Says:

    I guess you missed the part where the special election is not in question, but rather what to do between now and January’s special election.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, really ? So you are saying that it is alright for a Democrat Governor to stick some stunt double into one of the highest offices in the nation just so that they can vote yes for health care ? Is that the respect you have for the rule of law? Sad , very sad.

  6. meatball Says:

    I’m sayin’ that is what the law should have been all along, even when Mr. Romney was governor. Are you saying the people of Mass should be underrepresented in such a crucial legislative session?

    We’re talking about replacing Ted Kennedy for criss sake.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    I’m saying that if the legislature keeps changing the rules to suit the party in power it erodes the people’s faith in the process. As for the people being under represented during such a crucial legislative session, are you saying that the people are best represented by a Governor hand picking a yes vote ? meatball , we have seen a ground swell of opposition against this health care plan, so why not let the people choose their next Senator . Let the candidates campaign for or against health care and let the people decide. That is how they are best represented.

  8. meatball Says:

    I haven’t checked, but is there a “ground swell of opposition (read: small number of ill informed loud opposition) among registered Mass. voters?

  9. frankknotts Says:

    meatball if it was a cake walk would Pres. Obama need to schedule an address to a joint session of congress and to the nation ? And while I put very little faith in polling , check some of the latest on how people feel about a public option.

  10. frankknotts Says:

    meatball , I miss read your question, I realize now your question was there a ground swell in Mass . against health care destruction. Not really sure , but if you and others think the voters of that state would be in favor then where’s the trouble with letting them vote ?

  11. meatball Says:

    Well that’s what we’re arguing about here. The dems in Mass want to appoint a Senator to represent the Mass people during the time between now and the special election. I think this is a good idea whether or not a dem or republican governor does the appointing.

  12. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, the people are not represented by a governor appointing a Senator. Whether it be Mass. or De. . What they get is a stunt double to do party bidding. The hurry comes from the President’s push for health care ruination, so let him back off his demand for a vote before the end of the year and let the voters in Mass. choose their own Senator. But of course the Democrats don’t trust voters do they, they are afraid that the voters will put someone in office who would be opposed to health care destruction,as unlikely as that is in Masss. the Dems are afraid to risk it.

  13. meatball Says:

    Let’s see, the people of Mass. re-elected Senator Kennedy who has fought his entire Senate career for improving the quality and availability of heathcare to all Americans, hmmmm. Nevermind.

    You still fail to acknowledge that under current Mass law, the people of Mass have only half as much representation in the Senate for three months until the special election. Perhaps they should only charge the good people of Mass. only half of their normal share of federal taxes for that period:)

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