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Still True Today

September 30, 2009

  The following is a quote that I think is particularly relevant to the situation we find ourselves in today here in the United States.

  ” The past shows unvaryingly that when people’s freedom disappears, it goes not with a bang , but in silence amid the comfort of being cared for . That is the dire peril in the present trend toward statism. If freedom is not found accompanied by a willingness to resist , and to reject favors , rather than to give up what is intangible but precarious , it will not long be found at all.”

  Richard Weaver, 1962

  Will the majority of citizens be willing to sacrifice Liberty , so that they can be cared for, by what seems to be a caring nanny state ?  Will they be willing to give up their right to choose where they work and for how much just so they no longer have to negotiate with insurance companies ?

 This sort of thinking can only lead to slavery, as we move more and more towards the state supplying our every need , then the state becomes our slave master. When we choose to depend upon the state to make our hard choices , we lose the ability and the right to make any choice.

 How long will it be that we can no longer decide where we will live and work. How long before the state will tell us that for the good of the “ALL” we must live here and work here , and no matter the conditions we can not quit or move because of the chaos that it would creat for the “ALL” .

 The state is right now attempting to tell us how we will protect our own health and how much we will pay to do it. The state is in the act of stealing away our most fundamental right, our right to choose . Those in power couch their argument that they are doing it for the less fortunate among us, that they are doing us a favor, that they know better than we , what is best for ourselves. We must find the courage and the faith to “resist and to reject favors “, if we have any hope of maintaining our freedom.


Government’s Deaf Ear

September 29, 2009

  The latest Rasmussen Reports poll has come out and shows that the health care plan that President Obama and the Democrats in congress are pushing continues to lose the support of the American citizens.

  In the latest poll only 41% of those polled support the plan, that is down from just two weeks ago when it was 44% .

  So even with the joint session of congress address that the President made, even with the never ending speeches that he is giving , it seems that the people fear that they have more to lose than to gain if government takes over control of the health insurance industry. This is proven in the poll also,68% of those polled said they rate their current insurance as good and are happy with the coverage they have.

 And yet the President and the Democrat controlled congress continue to make sausage.

 Despite the polling that says a majority of people don’t want it, despite the million people who marched on Washington, despite the people who came out to the Town Hall meetings to tell their Representatives and Senators that they didn’t want it, despite all of this the government continues to turn a deaf ear to the people.

 How long ? How long will they ignore the will of the people, how long will they ignore the fact that this is a representative republic and they are no longer representing the people who voted them in. They are now only representing the interest of those “IN” government, with no regard for the will of the governed.

  We as American citizens have a chance in 2010 to impose our will once again on these politically tone deaf politicians. We must vote for Liberty and against those in congress who would eliminate it.

A Real Hands On Kind Of President

September 28, 2009

  That’s what President Obama is , a real hands on kind of president. He has been pushing his health care reform by making the rounds to all of the Sunday Morning news shows, all that is, except for Fox News Network. Can we say chicken ?

  He has called a joint session of congress and addressed  the American people on numerous occasions to make his sales pitch for what he has described as the most important issue facing the United States of America.

  Well in his view all of his hard work has paid off. He has now decided that the health care reform issue is in such good shape that he can now turn his attention to the next most important issue facing the United States of America, the 2016 Olympics .

 The President has decided to travel to Copenhagen , Denmark to lobby for the 2016 Olympics to be held not only in the United States, but in the President’s old home town of Chicago. He will be meeting the First Lady Michelle and the first lady of afternoon television Oprah in Copenhagen to make a pitch for Chicago. This after just about a week ago saying that health care was too important for him to leave at this time. So what changed ?

  I don’t know what has changed on the health care front but I do hope that this hands on President can wrap up this Olympic bid as soon as possible and bring his globe trotting bee-hind back to this country and do some real hands on work about the war in Afghanistan.

  We can be assured that the war in Afghanistan is ever on the President’s mind. Just look how much time he has devoted to just keeping in touch with the commanding general of that war, Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Why he has barely left the General anytime to run the war. President Obama has been calling the General once every seventy days, that’s exactly once since the General has taken command of the war. And that was a teleconference.

  That’s right once in seventy days, and this even after the General has stated in a report to the President that he must have more troops or face the real possibility that we will lose the war. And yet the hands on president has yet to contact the General, the same general I might add that captured Saddam Hussein and is credited with killing the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. So I would say he knows his stuff.

 So while he has been traveling all over the world and meeting right here with a bunch of tin dictators from the U.N. , President Obama has not been able to find the time to have so much as another teleconference with the man charged with winning what the President himself described as ‘the good war”, really ?

  Couldn’t get a secret flight into Afghanistan like Pres. Bush and others did into Iraq ? Couldn’t call the General home for a face to face ? Couldn’t pick up a satellite phone and give the General a ring?

 So while our troops over there, fight and die and while their General ask for more troops so that they can win, their Commander in Chief flies off on what amounts to another pleasure trip to Europe with his wife and friends. Wow that Airforce One is one cool plane.

  I hope while the President is wining and dining over there in Copenhagen that he doesn’t forget the thousands of our troops in trenches in Afghanistan who are waiting for him to make a decision about sending more troops so that the sacrifice that their comrades in arms have made will not have been in vain.

Health Care Or Basketball ?

September 27, 2009

  On Saturdays I like to listen to National Public Radio (NPR), I also listen during the week but I enjoy the shows on Saturday like “What Do You Know” and “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”. Granted the humor is very left oriented , but I still enjoy it.

  Well I was listening earlier than normal on Saturday and during a segment I am not familiar with they did a story about a fifteen year old  girl in California (of course), who’s family had lost their health care coverage due to the fact that the employer could no longer afford to supply health care to its employees.

  Let me step aside for a moment and say that the story never mentioned a father only a mother , so I must assume that it was the mother’s employer.

  The focus of the story was that due to the fact that the “family” no longer had health care insurance, the mother had told her daughter that she would not be allowed to participate in basketball this year, of course the girl is one of the best players the team has and so this not only affects the girl but has far reaching repercussions on her team mates as well. If only we had universal health care the team could win the championship .

  The mother’s reasoning was that since they had no health care insurance, they could not risk the teen being injured during practice or a game. With that line of thought are we to assume that the teen is no longer taking showers at home also ? Will she not be riding bikes ? Will she not be peeling potatoes, a nasty cut could become infected . Is the child only allowed to sit in her room and listen to NPR ?

 The story continued with the teen telling of the “fact” that she had been over at a team mates home and had informed the team mate that she would not be playing this season and why. According to the teen , her team mate was so shocked that she didn’t have health care, that she had to ask three times , “you don’t have health care?” The friend then went directly to her mother and related the “fact” that her friend’s “family” didn’t have health care insurance and asked if they did.

  The mother said that they did , and then turned to the un-insured child and with pity in her eyes also asked with dis-belief in her voice, “you don’t have health care?”

  The un-insured teen then related that as she has had to tell more people in school the reason why she will be un-able to play basketball this season, she has sensed that people are treating her differently because they now know that she doesn’t have health insurance.

  Really? Has NPR and the leftist in this country no shame ? Now they are couching their health care argument in social discrimination. That if you don’t have health care insurance you will be ostracized ? You won’t be one of the cool kids ? This is the best argument they can come up with ?

  First of all if the child were to be injured she would still be treated at the E.R. , with or without insurance and the mother could make arrangements to make payments. And are we really supposed to believe that real friends would look down upon a friend because of not having insurance ?

 This is an example of just how far outside of common sense that the leftist will go to forward their agenda.

Nothing New From President Obama At The G20

September 27, 2009

  From all that I have seen and heard from Pres. Obama at the G20 forum in Pittsburgh , it would seem that even on the world level he has no new ideas.

  It would seem that he and many of the others within the Group of 20 are only interested in spreading socialism and fascism around the globe.

  President Obama it would seem, would like to see the G20 take over what has been historically the sovereign decisions of individual countries.

  President Obama has revamped his campaign speech once again , but it is basically the same theme. That the individual must relinquish their Liberty for the good of the “ALL”. In this case he is saying that individual countries ,i.e. the United States, must become a part of some global community “Home Owners Association” , where the nosey neighbors get to tell you what you can sell and who to and how much. The G20 wants to be able to set salary caps on CEOs, they want to set trade limits and demand that countries open their markets ,even to the exclusion of that country’s own manufacturers products.

 What Pres. Obama is looking for is a one world order, where all countries are equal. So again , nothing new here , just wealth redistribution on a grander scale. Pres. Obama is willing to allow smaller nations who contribute far less than the United States  to the world economy to have an equal say in how the United States runs its own affairs.

 This is no different from Pres. Obama’s plan to allow people who contribute nothing into the health insurance pot to have equal coverage as those who do contribute.

 Pres. Obama and those who think as he does , believe that it is somehow a bad thing for the United States to operate in a way that protects our own self interest, even at the expense of nations who would see us destroyed.

 It would seem that Pres. Obama would sacrifice what is in the best interest of the United States if enough of these little welfare states decided and voted that we should.

 The only thing that should guide this nation’s decision making on any issue , be it the economy or national security , is , what is in the best interest of the United States.

 These international organisations never work. The League of Nations failed. The United Nations is a failure because it allows nations such as Iran and any other terrorist sponsor to have an equal vote. These nation states such as Iran and Venezuela are never going to be in favor of anything that is good for the United States and yet Pres. Obama would turn over even more of our nations decision making to an international organisation such as the G20.

 I am not a protectionist , I don’t believe we can live behind a wall with no interaction with nations around the world. But I do not believe that we should ever turn over our right as a nation to make decisions to a group of world socialist and fascist. We should not allow our country to be forced into trade deals that benefit everyone but us. We should as the leading light of Liberty and capitalism be out in the world promoting both, not caving and bowing to these thug dictators . We should be promoting a free market system of capitalism, not a centralized market controlled by twenty governments , no matter what the member make -up of the group  happens to be.

 But how can we expect our president to go out on the world stage and promote a free market solution , when he is attempting to destroy capitalism right here in the United States ? We must remove this president’s ability to force his fascist agenda , not only on the United States but also on the world, by first removing his ability to pass legislation in this country. We begin that task by electing Liberty loving capitalist to congress in the 2010 mid-term elections and then we remove this dangerous president from office. That is unless  you want dictators from around the world making choices for the United States.

Do We Need To Know ?

September 25, 2009

 During the Bush administration we are told that many terrorist plots were thwarted. We were not given details about the terrorist or the exact plans of the terrorist , that is unless there was reason to raise the terror alert level.

  Now contrast the Obama administration. Right now there are at least three investigations, on going involving suspects from Colorado, Texas and Illinois.We are being given their names and details about the attacks that they had planned to carry out.

  Now we must ask ourselves, why the difference in the way these cases are being handled ? We can look at the success of the Bush administration’s handling of this sort of terrorist threat in that we were not attacked after 9/11, even though we know that terrorist were and are trying to attack this country.

 So why now are we being told so many details while the investigations are on going?

  I will give my opinion in time , but first let me say that there is a danger in revealing too much information too soon. Sometimes these terrorist are lone wolves . People with an axe to grind against their own government and with mental problems. But they can also be, as seems to be the case in the Colorado case , people with real ties to organized terrorist groups who’s only goal is to destroy the United States of America. In this latter case does it make sense to publish all of the details so soon ? Would it not be in our interest to try and roll these people over on more of their fellow terrorist. By announcing that these people have been captured all we have done is sent a warning to anyone who was involved, and I’m sure that they have turned to smoke and gone underground, if they have not already left the country. Or even worse , the capture of one terrorist could be the trigger that starts another plot.

  Now why handle these threats this way ? Well it could be that an administration that is in the middle of a debate over health care and who seems at times to be losing that debate and who is also seen as being weak on terrorist and their sponsor nations, could be looking to bolster their terror creds , while also controlling the news cycle and diverting attention away from the sausage making going on in the congress right now.

 Another danger of releasing too many details on every case that the FBI happens to be working is that either you begin to frighten the citizens too much or you run the chance of people becoming desensitized to the danger .

 So do we need to know every detail on every case the FBI is working ? No, not in my opinion. When the FBI and Homeland Security are sure that they have exhausted every possible lead that one of these suspects can offer , then tell me about them. Or if there is real concern that an attack is imminent , raise the terror alert level and warn people, but only in an attempt to save lives, not just to blow your own horn about what a good job your administration is doing in the fight against terror or to avert attention away from the fact that you are losing your battle to take down 1/7 of the national economy with health care reform.

” The Cost Of Doing Nothing “

September 24, 2009

  ” The cost of doing nothing “, these were the words that Rep. Mike Castle (RINO – De) used to explain his voting in favor of Cap and Trade in the House of Representatives. He said that he had “weighed the cost of doing nothing ” and had decided that Cap and Trade was our best alternative.

  Fast forward to yesterday when a memo written by  the Treasury Dept. for the White House ,about the impact of Cap and Trade on the American economy, was obtained by the  Competitive Enterprise Institute through the Freedom of Information Act , and released to the public.

  In the memo the Treasury Dept. spells out all of the things that opponents of Cap and Trade have known all along.

  According to the Treasury Dept. memo Cap and Trade will double the economic cost of all environmental regulations to the economy. Cap and trade could lead to the loss of 1% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. The loss of 1% of our GDP could create “institutionalized recession” according to some experts.

 The memo also makes clear that these higher cost to manufacturers will lead to a rise in the rate of jobs being out sourced. The memo directly mentions such industries as steel, cement, chemicals, glass, plastics, ceramics and any energy intensive industry.

  Treasury expects that the Cap and Trade program could bring in between $100 and $200 billion a year in Federal revenue and that the auctioning of credits could bring in another $300 billion. Now we have gotten to the real meat of the issue.

  The Treasury Dept. memo clearly advises that the tax on carbon emissions must be high enough to cause enough pain to firms and consumers to force them to lower their emissions.

 So the Treasury Dept . admits and the White House agrees that we must be caused pain. Is that what we elect our leaders to do , cause us pain ?

   Now in my opinion what Cap and Trade is about, is raising the cost of traditional energy sources , such as , oil , coal and natural gas. This is an attempt to artificially make alternative fuels , such as, solar and wind competitive. What Cap and Trade amounts to is a back door subsidy for these alternative fuels.

  The administration is attempting to force a market change through punitive taxes. President Obama hopes to raise the cost of heating your home with oil or electric to the point that those costly solar panels won’t seem so costly anymore. This is his attempt at creating a market for a product that cannot at this time create a market for itself.

 This plan will actually have the opposite effect on the alternative energy industry , then  all of those environmental wackos out there would hope for.

  By making the alternative fuels artificially competitive, by raising the cost of traditional fuels through taxing , all the President will do is to reduce the likelihood of the alternative energy industries working to improve and to reduce the cost of their products. Why should they ? They have the government basically mandating that people must use their product or face punitive taxes. Sounds a lot like his health care plan doesn’t it ?

  Cap and Trade will remove competition within the energy industry . When you remove competition , you remove the drive for innovation. Why try to build a better mouse trap if the government is going to guarantee that you will always be able to sell the same old mouse trap.

  The Treasury Dept.  memo demonstrates that this administration does not care about the pain it inflicts on either the economy or the citizens of this nation.

  Cap and Trade will not only affect how much it will  cost you to heat your home or to drive your car, but  because of the cost that this program will inflict on manufacturers, not only by way of the cost of energy , but  through the cost they will have to pay for their carbon emissions as well, which they will pass on to the consumer, this ends up being a tax that will be paid many times on every product that you purchase and don’t think that if the product is produced in another country it will be cheaper, remember that all products get to the stores by way of transportation which will also be paying the higher cost of energy.. This is nothing more than a tax program that will force people out of work and cause the national economy to shrink.

  I cannot close without once more reminding the citizens of Delaware and especially my fellow registered members of the GOP that Rep. Mike Castle voted in favor of this bill . This is why I will never again vote for Mike Castle.

Constitutional Obligation

September 23, 2009

  The federal government of these United States of America has a Constitutional obligation to the nation and it’s people.

   In my opinion the Federal government has failed to achieve its original goals when this nation was established. The role that the Founding Fathers saw for the Federal government was to protect the states from foreign intervention into the affairs of the states. It was intended to stave off foreign invaders and to negotiate with foreign governments.

  In other words  the Federal government was ment to be a wall around the states , to protect the individual states from being influenced by foreign countries through trade and armed force into doing things that would be detrimental to the United States.

 This wall was intended to give the individual states the “FREEDOM” to handle the day-to-day goings on within their states borders as the citizens of each state saw fit and elected their state leaders who best represented the will of the people.

 But over the years we have seen the Federal government grow in size(as to the number of employees and agencies) , and scope (as to the areas of our lives that it affects).

 As the Federal government has grown it has become top-heavy , it requires a mass amount of funding just to keep the lights on. And as it grows it searches out ways to envelope even more of our daily lives.

  The Federal government has gotten so far away from its original intent that we may never be able to put it back in its proper place.

  Now it has done this with, for the most part, the complete capitulation of the individual states and the citizens of the nation. It has achieved this over taking of what was intended to be states rights through the offer of federal funding for projects and programs that should be each state’s responsibility. Many of these programs have been mandated by the federal government and are outside what the original intent of the Constitution set forth as the powers of the federal government.

  The current administration of Pres. Obama is a perfect example of what I have been talking about. As this president pushes for health insurance for every citizen(which should be up to the individual citizen) ,as he has taken over private companies and industries, as he pushes for broader and broader federal control of every aspect of our lives, he is allowing foreign nations that were our allies to go it alone against the Russians by denying them a defensive missile system(NOT IN OUR BEST INTEREST), he is allowing and encouraging illegal immigrants to cross our borders(NOT IN OUR BEST INTEREST), he is meeting this very week with foreign leaders from around the world for the U.N. summit(NOT IN OUR BEST INTEREST), and do you think he is promoting the interest of the United States ? Do you think he is laying out a clear message to Iran that a nuclear Iran will not be tolerated by either the United States or the world ? Do you think he is telling the world that the United States will protect it’s energy independence by drilling for oil anywhere that oil can be found ?

 No ! What this president is talking to the world leaders about is how we need a one world economy, he is attempting to export his fascist agenda on an even broader scale . As the United States moves closer to that long held dream of all leftist of a one world utopia , the wall that the federal government was intended to be for the individual states , crumbles.

45,000 Uninsured Deaths !

September 22, 2009

  It has been estimated that somewhere around 45,000 death in the United States each year are as a result of people having no health insurance.  It is thought that because they have no insurance they do not seek treatment for illnesses until it is already too late.

  For anyone to just throw this sort of number out there merely to support this nation’s push for universal health insurance is dangerous.

  Now many have countered this assumption of people dying due to the lack of health insurance by saying that every person who has ever died has most likely eaten carrots. While this is true and funny it really has no relevance to the argument of whether or not having health insurance can keep you from dying.

  It may be true that those 45,000 people who died didn’t have health insurance, but what of the millions who die every year who do have health insurance ? It would seem to me that it is a far greater risk to have health insurance than to not.

  Now there are many who will say my argument is absurd , well so it may be , but it is also absurd to couch your argument in such a way that you lead people to believe that if they don’t have health insurance they will die.

 We are all going to die, whether we have health insurance or not, whether we eat carrots or not, whether we live in California or Delaware. What I would prefer to do is to die with dignity and Liberty, with the freedom of choice to choose how I live and die , with as little government intervention as possible.

  The political left has often accused the political right of fear mongering , but in this case it is the political left that is guilty of fear mongering.

Why I Could Make That Much On Unemployment

September 21, 2009

  Come on now ,we have all heard someone say that . And with congress about to extend the unemployment benefits another thirteen weeks , we will likely hear it even more.

  Rep. Jim Mc Dermott (D-Wash) is offering a bill that will do just that and it is expected to pass easily.

  This latest extension is in addition to the twenty six weeks that most states already offer, and also in addition to the federally funded extensions of up to fifty three weeks , that congress approved in legislation last year and the stimulus bill enacted last February. Predictions are that congress may have to keep extending benefits through 2011.

  We are told that we must do this to keep our neighbors from falling into poverty, but what we are really doing is turning our neighbors into the latest welfare class.

  These extensions will have the effect of discouraging a lot of people from looking for or accepting some jobs that they will consider beneath them , and we will hear that refrain , “well I can make that much on unemployment “.

  And maybe they can and maybe with congress passing extension after extension , maybe they can learn to live on their unemployment , forever !

 So why should someone bus tables or bag groceries or maybe just maybe take on of those damn jobs that Americans won’t do ?

  Well could we start with  self-pride . And then may we move on to the fact that they are hurting other Americans who are working and having to pay into unemployment at a rate that will have to be increased to cover the unending extensions.

  When we have illegals working in the poultry industry and the service trade , it becomes very clear that illegal immigration is causing much of our unemployment troubles for actual citizens.

  We should go back to a time when the labor board actually found you work and if you turn down a job , then you lose the benefits.

  These extensions of benefits will only lead to higher and higher unemployment rates and we will see people staying on the rolls as long as they can receive another extension.

  All we need do is to look at the welfare state and the damage that safety net has done to the African- American community , to realize that this so called safety net of unemployment  will do the same thing to middle America. It will turn what has been hard working citizens into lazy mailbox watchers.

  My advise to all of those who are unemployed is to find a job , any job , save your dignity. I would rather work two minimum wage jobs then to be on the government ticket.