Ruth Briggs -King

  Last night Mrs. Ruth Briggs-King did contact me and was able to give me as much time as was needed .

  I asked her the same basic questions that I had asked Mr. Robinson , her opponent in the up coming special election for the 37th Representative District of Delaware. I encourage everyone to read my article about Mr. Robinson so as to get a contrasting point of view of the two candidates.

  Let me say thank you to Mrs.King for finding the time in what I can only imagine is a very hectic campaign.

  My first  question was how she felt about the state of Delaware mandating that a private power company such as DP&L must buy their energy from alternative suppliers like Blue Water Wind.  Basically her position was to say that she was against government getting involved with what should be handled by the two private entities and that the free market should determine the best supplier of energy.

  When asked , if elected where she would look first to make cuts to reduce the tax burden on the citizens her first response was the amount of consultant fees that the state pays out. Many times to firms outside the state of Delaware. She also pointed out that many times these studies are completely unnecessary. Mrs. King also brought up the point that we need to take a look at the way we handle purchasing bids to insure we are getting the best possible price for items and that we are again using in state suppliers when ever possible. Mrs. King feels that the state should lesson the amount of duplication in agencies and services to again reduce the cost to the tax payers.

  When I brought the conversation around to social issues Mrs. King was eager to discuss them with me.

  I asked Mrs. King if elected, would she  be willing to vote to repeal the homosexual anti discrimination law recently passed and then expanded by the Governor to include gender identification. Mrs. King stated that she had not been in favor of the law and depending on the wording of anything that would replace it she would be in favor of its removal. She also stated without hesitation that she would be in favor of a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage , which she described as , one man , one woman.

  On immigration and whether individual states in general and Delaware in particular were doing all that they could to reduce the amount of illegals within the state , Mrs. King said that while it is mainly a Federal issue , that each state faces unique problems from illegal immigration and that the state should work to reduce those problems , but that the state is limited by the budget on how much it can do.

  If I could step out of the interview for a moment and say that I got basically the same answer from both candidates on this issue and that I think both are not looking at the big picture and that there is quite a bit more to do right here in the state.

  So my final question for Mrs. King was whether she felt that each state has the Constitutional power to restrict abortion within their state. Again Mrs. King gave a similar answer as Mr. Robinson , that being that the Federal decision of Roe v. Wade , had settled the issue. But unlike Mr. Robinson , Mrs. King was quick to add that she was against abortions  and that she believed that life begins at conception.

  So my general impression of Mrs. King is that she is clearly a small government conservative . She also made it clear that she is a supporter of traditional family values . I cannot unfortunately vote in this special election , but if I could I would have no trouble casting my vote for Ruth Briggs-King.

  Now to address something that is making the rounds on some of the other blogs, the question of whether Mrs. King is or isn’t a registered lobbyist. First let me say that I’m not sure why this should disqualify her from public office, for what is a State Representative or even a State Senator , if they are not lobbyist for their constituents. I have personally heard Mrs. King admit to being a registered lobbyist , I again asked in the interview, I have heard and read others speak of it and it is a matter of public record. Point being , Mrs. King has not in any way tried to hide the fact .

  There has also been some question of whether she is a member of the PGA or Positive Growth Alliance, again she says that she is not a member though she has attended some of their functions. So again let me ask , why does being a member of an organization or attending their functions exclude you from elected office. If you want to judge the person based on the issues that they advocate for or the groups they align themselves with that is fine , but discuss the issues , don’t just hurl accusations around .

  I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Ruth Briggs -King for taking the time to speak with me and for being open and honest in her responses.

  And for all of the voters in the 37th District , don’t forget the election is on Sept. 12th, be sure to go and vote , the world is run by those who show up !


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  1. Pat Fish Says:

    It does not matter if she is or is not a lobbyist, such information is readily available somebody tell the hysterics to get a grip. If you don’t like what she lobbied for than by all means consider than when casting a vote. But just being a lobbyist, well it’s not like being a communist like Obamer’s current tsar of green jobs or some such.

    What matters to me is that she is a Republican or more importantly, heh, NOT a Democrat.

    Democrats are well on this way to ruining this country. I doubt they’ll win many elections from now on through 2012, here on anywhere.

    I will be voting for Ruth King, happily.

  2. meatball Says:

    A realator-lobbyist with ties to the PGA. Exactly what Sussex County needs, not.

    I’ve heard your rants on unbridled development in the county, Frank and I’m surprised you would throw your support behind such a candidate. You should’ve asked her about eminent domain, I’d be curious to hear her spin.

    Anyway, I guess I’ve made up my mind.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    meatball , you must have missed my conversion. I wrote about it when I was still contributing to Delaware Politics. I had to look at myself and my beliefs in private proverty rights and individual freedoms. I still believe that we need to find alternative sources of revenue for the state and the county so that we become less reliant on the building trade alone. I believe that we can control the amount of developement without completely restricting the property owners right to sell his or her property. We need to find ways other than subsidies to support our farmers so that they have altenatives to selling their land . My conservative views were in contrast with my views on developement here in Sussex and since I truly believe in conservatism I came to the conclution that it was my views on how to solve the over developement problem that were wrong.

  4. meatball Says:

    I did miss it, congratulations on your epiphany. Now I’m just wondering why you would vote agaisnt your own self interests and those interests of the vast majority of your neighbors.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    meatball since I didn’t ask about domain I’m not sure of her stand on that issue. My questions were designed to get a general sence of the person and her ideology. In my opinion she is for small government and individual rights. That’s a good thing. For you to assume that because someone has worked in realstate that they should be excluded from office is like saying that anyone who has held any job should be excluded, because everyone has some special interest. Are we to only elect the unemployed ?

  6. meatball Says:

    I’m not sayin’ she (or any realator/lobbyist) should be excluded from running for office, I’m sayin’ why would a gun rights guy vote for an anti-gun rights candidate to represent him?

    Maybe I’ll see you tonight.

  7. meatball Says:

    By the way, I used the gun thing as another way of expressing my point. I have no idea where she or Mr Robinson stand on gun law and I’m not making any allegations.

    But, writting “gun” in two posts ought to get you a few more hits over here.

  8. meatball Says:

    Sorry I missed you, forgot about the clash od scheduling SCHS open house, priorities dude.

  9. frankthetank Says:

    Hi Meatball,
    I was just checking out the candidate’s websites and it appears that Ruth is endorsed by the NRA which probably gives us an idea of her perspective on gun rights.

  10. frankknotts Says:

    NRA endorsement ? Another reason to vote for her.

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