Getting Smoked !

  Defence Secretary Gates is reviewing a report from the Institute of Medicine recommending  that the military be made smoke free and or completely tobacco free. Secretary Gates says that right now he is only reviewing the report and that if it were to ever happen it is most likely twenty years down the road.

  Are you kidding me ? These men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and we are considering telling them they can’t smoke ? Have we lost our collective minds here people.

  The argument is being made that aside from the medical issues, which by the way many may not live long enough to suffer from, that smoking creates a loss of productivity due to the fact that every couple of hours soldiers have to take a smoke break. Well they wouldn’t lose so much time if they weren’t forced to walk to designated smoking areas. If office personnel could smoke at their desk they could continue to work while smoking.  If other base personnel could just step back to a safe distance they also would lose less time from  work.

  Now as for those actually in the field fighting , it should be up to their commanding officer as to when it is safe to smok’em if you got’em .

  I cannot believe that we would actually considering this. It is proven that smoking can relieve stress and if anyone needs to relieve stress, it is our armed forces.

  This is a perfect example of what we can expect if we voluntarily turn over our health choices to the government . These men and women volunteered to protect us and turned over control of their lives to the government, and that is the life of a soldier. Now consider if the government had control of your life through mandatory health care run by the government.

  How long would it be before they would be telling us to stop smoking or drinking , or eating fried foods. This is what is to be expected from a totaliitarian government.

  I say if these men and women want to smoke let’em . If they can make the decision to join the armed forces and are willing to risk their lives to fight against the likes of those who attacked us on 9/11 then they damn sure can make the decision to lite up a smoke.


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