While We Were Looking Away

 President Obama has been criticized by those on the Republican side as well as the Democrat side for pushing too hard , too soon and too much all at once.

  But what if that is exactly the strategy ? What if the plan is to push all of these weighty issues at once in the hope of getting anything through. Maybe the President doesn’t care if he gets health care through if he is able to get cap and trade through. What if his only real priority is to get some historical legislation through that he can put his name on. I mean other than an historical defecit of course.

   I use the two examples of health care and cap and trade because if you remember cap and trade was one hot item just before the health care debate blew up.

  Look at it this way, the intricacies of the shell game that is cap and trade may be lost on the average person. Also the attitude of older Americans could be , “what do I care about energy cost being doubled ? I’ll be dead soon.” But when you talk about end of life care and taking away a person’s chance to live a little longer , even if they don’t understand all of the ends and outs, they will still be angry.

  So while we cannot abandon the fight against the takeover of our health care choices, we also must not ignore that there are still people working ever so hard to pass cap and trade.

  Now those working to pass cap and trade or cap and tax as many have titled it , is being sold as a way to do two major things. One being to reduce carbon emissions and the other to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  Okay let’s look at the issue of reducing carbon emissions or Co2 by imposing cap and trade. Cap and trade is when the all powerful federal government decides how much Co2 ,  is too much Co2. The government will assign a certain amount of carbon credits to manufacturers and power producers. Now if an individual plant uses less than its assigned amount of credits it may sell them to a plant that has used more than its assigned amount of credits. So what has been reduced ? Nothing. The only thing that has been accomplished is the selling and buying of credits. The cost of which will be passed on to the consumer, some estimates have said that we could see the doubling of energy cost and the amount this will add to manufactured goods is unknown .

  We are also being told that we must reduce the amount of foriegn oil we import for national security reasons. While I agree that relying on foriegn oil is a security risk, I do not feel that higher fuel standards and plug in hybrids are the answer.

 First of all raising fuel standards will always be offset by the number of new drivers. So if a person buys a new car that saves  two hundred gallons of gasoline a year , this will be offset by a new driver that may use two thousand gallons a year. And then you get to the push for plug in hybrids. Hello , where do these people think the electric comes from, that comes out of the little socket in the wall. If you create thousands or millions of cars that are to be plugged into the power grid you increase the demand for electricity, which will increase the amount of Co2 emissions and the use of oil at plants that are oil fired.

  We are also being told that by changing over fleet vehicles such as taxis and metro buses to natural gas we will lower Co2 and reduce our dependence on oil. Okay , I’ll give you that natural gas is cleaner and an alternative to oil. But fuel mileage is not as good, you will buy more natural gas in a year than you would buy gasoline. Who benefits from that? Well the obvious answer is the natural gas companies , but also the government that taxes the sale of the product. If you are buying more then the government will see increased revenue.

  Now let me address the biggest lie of all . Much of the argument for cap and trade, and the reduction of Co2 is to counter man made global warming or as it is now being labled climate change . These false measures will do nothing to reduce global out put of carbon. As we are forced here at home to destroy our economy for the sake of environmental wackos , the rest of the world is expanding .

  In my opinion , “climate warming global change” is a non issue , it is being used by those who would profit from the bait and switch of cap and trade or from the use of alternative fuels.

  Now I do feel that we can address the issue of dependency on foreign oil without ruining our economy and actually improve it.

   We have what may be the largest know reserve of coal in the world. There are ways to use this natural resource in ways that can offset our need for oil .

  But what we really need to do is to drill domestically for every drop of oil that we can find. Both of these options can create jobs and revenue for the nation without artificially driving up the cost of energy to the consumer and without relying on unproven technology.

  So while it is important to keep up the fight against the destruction of our health care system , it is just as important to keep up the fight against those who would wreck our economy through cap and trade.


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