China ? North Korea ?

  No ! Right here in the good ole  U.S.A. !

   There is a Senate Bill out there that was authored by Sen. Jay Rockefeller ,Democrat from West Virginia , and co-sponsored by , yes once again that crazy gal from Maine , Sen. Olympia Snow ,Republican ? You tell me .

  The bill would allow the government to seize control of the  Internet , literally disconnecting private sector computers from the web during a national “cybersecurity crisis .”

   The President would be able to declare such a crisis relating to “non-governmental ” computer networks and to do what is necessary to respond to the threat.

   The bill also calls for a federal program for  “cybersecurity professionals” and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be “MANAGED ” by people who have been “AWARDED” the license. Think Nazi Brownshirts burning books.

  People this is not China or North Korea, this is the United States of America , how can we continue to allow this fascist take over of our Liberty to continue.

  Isn’t it clear that this is an attempt to nullify one of the most effective tools we have to oppose this dictator.

  This bill would give unlimited power to one man to decide what constitutes a crisis and to then shut down what has become possibly our main form of communication.

  But what may be more troubling still is the license . The government would be given the power to decide who gets to run what within the cyber world . This would be tantamount to government censoring the information that would be allowed to be put out.

  If the government gets to decide who runs a system or network then that person is beholden to the government for their lively hood. If the government has the power to give the license, then it would have the power to take it away , this would lead to the people with the license attempting not to offend the government. Also the licenses would be handed out and revoked based on which political party happened to be in power at the time , which would give a huge amount of control to that party, possibly making it possible to completely eliminate all opposition parties.

  We would see the holder of the license restricting content that might be deemed to be offensive to the government and what is more offensive to the government than political speech . This would be a dangerous tool to put in the hands of any President , but to put it in the hands of such a radical leftist who has already shown a tendency to take over private industries and to appoint czar after czar to work outside the normal boundaries of  our Constitution would be the end of free speech .

  Just look to China and North Korea , anytime that there is any sign of dissent from official government policy the first thing they do is to shut down Internet access. Do we really want to model ourselves after these two Socialist states?

  This President has created real and imagined crisis since taking office , whether it be the lending crisis, or the health care crisis , the unemployment crisis , he comes out and tells us that we are on the brink of disaster every other day and that we must act immediately to stave off further disaster. How long do you suppose it would be, if given this power to declare a crisis and to shut down the Internet , that we would be told that there was a threat to national cybersecurity ? And wouldn’t it be convenient for the President to be able to limit access to the Internet right in the middle of the health care debate ?

 Wake up people, this man and his lackeys are the most dangerous thing to happen to this nation in many years. And the only thing that will allow this sort of fascist government to succeed is for people to say, “it could never happen here.”


3 Responses to “China ? North Korea ?”

  1. Ed Heath Says:

    People are starting to wake up! The Republicans and people in the middle from both sides are starting to cry foul! The movement has started!

  2. meatball Says:

    I am certainly no expert Frank, but I believe a common form of cyber attack occurs when the attacker “hijacks” thousands of net connected computers (mine, yours, Ed’s) unbeknownst to the owner and uses them to make inquiries at a particular site. The sudden spike in “hits” to that site causes it to “crash.”

  3. frankknotts Says:

    meat ball , you may be correct that that is the common cyber attack. But I’m not sure that that is the type the bill is intended to address. They are saying they are looking at attacks that would effect things like power plants and water sources.
    The bigger concern is the loss of control over another private sector. This can be just a stepping stone.
    meatball be honest with yourself if not with me. Don’t focus on the excuses that the bill is putting forth as the reason for it. Think about how this could be abused, if not by this dictator then how would you feel if a Republican president had this power?

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