Still Waiting Mrs. King

In an earlier article I wrote that I had been in contact with 37th Rep. Dist. candidate Ruth Briggs-King by e-mail and that she or one of her staff had lead me to believe that she would be calling me in the near future.

  In one of her e-mails Mrs. King asked for the questions I wanted to ask, so I sent them to her on Aug. 18,2009 , she responded on Aug.19,2009 that again she would print out the questions and give me a call from the campaign trail. No problem I understand she ‘s busy. But it is now Aug.27,2009 and I think I am getting the brush job.

  Maybe she has just forgotten about contacting me , after all as Mr. Bennett has pointed out in the past , this is just a “little ,insignificant site” or maybe I made the mistake of giving her the questions ahead of time , maybe she just wants to avoid the sort of issues I choose to see as important.

  I am going to list the questions that I sent her in this article and let you, the reader decide. Also if any of you out there have any contact with Mrs. King please let her know she is welcome to come to my “little” site and answer the questions right here.

  First let me say that like all candidates at this time and especially the GOP candidates we are assured that Mrs. King is for lower taxes and smaller government, she is for controlled growth and it would seem is conservative on all things fiscal.

  Now I have been to her web site and I heard her statement at the monthly Sussex GOP meeting and all I can gather from those sources is that she is a fiscal conservative, I have found no mention of her position on what could be described as social issues. The following are the questions I posed to Mrs. King. There were two fiscal questions also.

  1.) Where do you stand on such things as the state of Delaware  mandating  that a power company such as DP&L  must purchase a set amount of its energy from alternative power suppliers such as Blue Water Wind ?

 2.) If elected , in what area would you look to make cuts first to reduce the tax burden on the citizens ?

 3.) Since your site or your statement at the GOP meeting made no mention of social issues, are you uncomfortable stating your position on topics such as abortion , immigration and homosexuality ?

  4.)If elected would you vote to repeal the homosexual discrimination law recently passed  and would you be in favor of another attempt at a constitutional amendment for the protection of traditional marriage ?

  5.) Do you feel that individual states have a larger role in fighting illegal immigration than Delaware is currently exercising ? And what would you be in favor of doing to expand this role ?

 6.) Do you believe that individual states have the Constitutional power to restrict abortion within their states ?

  So there you are , I know to some of you more “MODERATE” folks these will seem like shocking questions to ask someone running for state Representative , but remember , often people use state offices as stepping stones to national offices, so why shouldn’t we ask ?

  I have gathered from Mrs. Kings web site and her statements that her campaign slogan is “BALANCE “,  BALANCE of spending , BALANCE of jobs, BALANCE of growth and let us not forget , BALANCE of power.

  Well to Mrs. King and anyone else , I ask where is the BALANCE of the issues ?


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  1. L W Says:

    I am not sure as to why you have not received a response. Please
    e-mail your contact information an will have her contact you at your convenience.

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