Dead Man Talking

 It would seem , and is no surprise, that the Democrats have absolutely no shame when it comes to them  seeking  control and power.

  It hasn’t taken long for leading Democrats to start invoking the late Sen. Kennedy’s name when speaking about the need to pass health care take over legislation. Granted Sen. Kennedy was a leader in the fight for the Democrats to take over and ruin health care but to use his passing as some emotional touch stone is reprehensible .

  We have heard how important it would be to pass health care destruction legislation this year in honor of the late Sen. Kennedy.

  Speaker Pelosi and former Pres. Carter are a couple of the most notable. But also Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen , who just happens to be the chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee , but of course these statements about the need to pass health care demolition legislation in the same statements about the passing of Sen. Kennedy are not to be seen as being political in any way , yeah right.


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