Ted Kennedy

Long time Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away at the age of 77 yrs.

  Known as the Lion of the Senate ,the Senator has long been a leading liberal power house.

  I will forgo the usual listing of his accomplishments due to the fact that many go against my own personal views and it might come off as being happy about his passing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though the Senator was part of many things that I find detrimental to the nation it is not a time to revel in his family’s loss. Many today will take the opportunity to bring up the car , the bridge and the girl and yes it was a terrible thing and makes us ask how does a person who has done such a thing attain such a high office as that of United States Senator. Well voters are a fickled bunch sometimes.

  I send out my prayers for his family , a family that has endured many terrible things over the years, and whether you agree with their politics or not they deserve our prayers. May God hold them in his loving arms through this latest loss and may God forgive Ted Kennedy for his wrongs.


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