Massachusetts , Delaware Style

  It would seem that with the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy , Massachusetts is in for a special election of their own , similar to that which we here in Delaware went through.

  I know some will say that replacing a person of Mr. Kennedy’s ,um , stature ? Is a far more daunting  exercise than replacing a mere state Senator like Senator Adams. I personally would put our own Senator Adams’ reputation and legacy up against that of Sen. Kennedy’s any day.

  The real similarity between the two special elections actually comes from the fact that like here in Delaware it would seem that family members feel that they are somehow entitled to the Senate seat.

  In this case there are actually two people who think they have some sort of God given right to take over where Sen. Kennedy left off.

  The one being his wife , Vicki Reggie- Kennedy (what is it with these hyphenated women) who was a banking lawyer when she married the Senator. The second person who feels as if the office should be his to inherit is Sen. Kennedy’s nephew and former six term Congressman Joe Kennedy. At least he has actual experience.

  I’m not sure what runs through these peoples minds that gives them the idea that these offices are their by birthright or by marriage. We live in a democracy not a monarchy where we hand down titles to the next in line.

  To add to the audacity of this family , Sen. Kennedy from his death bed , though I find it hard to believe that a man in the final stages of brain cancer was able to formulate such thoughts , wrote a letter asking that the state of Massachusetts change its policy for choosing his replacement. Currently the law states that there must be a special election , to be held within the next five months. The letter, said to be from Sen. Kennedy, asked to have the law changed to allow the Democrat  Gov.  Deval Patrick to hand select the replacement.

  The real story about this is, the fact that just five years ago Sen. Kennedy lead the charge to have the law at that time revoked which would have allowed then Gov. Mitt Romney(who just happened to be a Republican) to select a replacement for Sen. John Kerry who was running for president at the time , had Sen. Kerry won, which he didn’t . Well , “the best laid plans of mice and men, ” as they say.

  The true arrogance of these elitist leftist would seem to know no bounds. Thank goodness that Massachusetts never acted to change the current law and now the people will get to choose their next Senator, though considering the voters of Massachusetts sent Mr. Kennedy back to the Senate time and time again, what chance is there that they will send anyone who isn’t in the pocket of the progressives ?


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