As we enter what is known as the Flu season this year we are being told by our nanny government that we must be frightened unto death of the flu virus known as H1N1, or commonly known as the Swine Flu.

  We are being told that the number of cases “may ” reach epidemic proportions and that many people  “may ” die from this flu.

   The government is putting out PSA’s telling everyone that they should protect themselves by being sure to take the miracle shot . The government is ramping up production of the shot in an attempt to make sure that there will be enough for everyone who wishes to get the shot.

  Well someone can have mine, I won’t be taking it , the same as I have never taken a flu shot. By the way I haven’t had so much as a flu like symptom in over twenty years.

  There are many people out there that think that the Obama administration is exaggerating the potential of the H1N1 outbreak to build this into another crisis that they can use to push for health care reform .  I have to say that I can see that as being a possibility. It would not surprise me to discover that the administration is doing just that.

  Pres. Obama is so set on getting this health care reform through that I believe he would do almost anything to pass it .

  First they create panic by exaggerating the potential number of cases, this leads more people than ever to seek the vaccine against the flu then in the past. This creates a shortage of the vaccine , which leads to more panic and  public outcry that the government didn’t do enough. Then the President will come out and make a speech about how the pharmaceutical industry has failed us and that the government must take it over to prevent this from ever happening again. Once he has the pharmaceutical industry under complete control it will raise the cost of health care even more , this again gives the President the chance to make yet another case for health care reform.

  Okay, enough of the political conspiracy theories. The reason I won’t be taking the vaccine this year or any year is because it makes bad medical sense.

  I believe from what I have learned over the years that the reason we are seeing more and more resistant strains of not only the flu but other viruses is because we have become too reliant upon vaccines . By taking a vaccine to keep from ever getting the flu our natural immune system is never allowed to adapt to the flu virus, which makes us more susceptible and less likely to be able to fight off the virus on our own.

  I believe that if  people would allow their own immune system to build a tolerance against these viruses , that we would see the numbers going down instead of up.

  Now inevitably someone will bring up the 1918-1919 epidemic that killed 20 million people world wide. Let’s  face it , our medical treatment and antibiotics to control secondary infections have improved greatly since the early 1900’s. Also we must take in the fact that the epidemic of 1918 came directly on the heals of WWI , which means that many of those infected and who died were in a weakened state already due to war injuries and poor nutrition , also the amount of those who smoked cigarettes would have also put more people at risk. Of the 20 million who died world wide only 500,000 were her in America , again I believe demonstrating that the condition of the people of Europe after the war lead to the large number of people who got sick and or died .

 Now let us look again to recent events here at home. As soon as the story line became ” Swine Flu Kills ” , every news agency was desperate to tell the tale of a death in anyway related to the H1N1 virus. One story was of a woman who was in a comma after complications from child birth, one was of a child that had been brought to the States for medical treatment of another medical issue.

  The truth being that almost no one dies from just the flu, most people who die already are in a weakened state when they contract the flu and do not have the strength to fight off the virus. So unless you are already in a weakened condition I would recommend that you forgo getting the vaccine and if you do get the flu do the things your mother taught you. Drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest and stay away from as many people as possible to lesson the chances of giving the virus to someone else.

  As for myself , I drink orange juice and take aspirin regularly to strengthen my immune system , I never use the ink pen that the clerk offers at the checkout , I elbow doors open at public places if possible . The last time I had the flu I was in my twenties, but I was still drinking and running around , staying out to all hours of the night , and I was a smoker.

  Since I improved my life style I have rarely been sick and I didn’t need a government run health care system to force me into it.


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  1. meatball Says:

    Frank. did you do any research before you wrote this?

    InfluenzaA strains can be very deadly, they even kill young healthy folks right here in little ‘ole Sussex County.

    Also, US population in 1918 was around 100million. Do the math.

    Also, 1918fluA killed mostly otherwise healthy people with STRONG immune systems. You see, flu doesn’t really kill you say like a hungry tiger would, fluA causes an extremely strong OVER REACTION of the HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.

    Normal immune response to infection is to release cytokins that start the whole infection fighting process off. With virulent (quickly multiplying) strains, the process is kicked into overdrive. This flood of protiens into the bloodstream causes a number of deadly reactions like capillary “leak”, multiorgan dysfunction, and refractory pulmonary edema.

    Also, once MODS and pulmonary edema occur in enough people, the US will simply run out of mechanical ventilators and dialysis machines.

    I don’t believe in fear mongering, god knows we had enough of that with the last admin, but you are much more likely to die from fluA than from al Queda.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, first your point about the population of America in 1918 doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the deaths were else where, twenty million world wide , where conditions included starvation and pestilence, five hundred thousand here, where we had not just fought a World war and had not devistated our infrastructure, majority where? Do the math.
    Now let me try to clarify my point about the use of vaccines. All a vaccine does is to cause the body to produce the exact same antibodies that the flu itself will. Remember the vaccine is actually a “dead virus”. My point is that over the years we have used vaccines to such an extent that our bodies have lost the ability in many cases to preform this process naturally.
    The same as we are seeing more and more children with allergies due to the over use of products intended to keep us healthy like dry hand washes that are handed out in schools. Do they serve to stop the spread of disease , yes , but does it also weaken our natural immune system , yes also, I believe.
    The CDC just stated that 90,000 people may die in the United States this season from the H1N1 virus. Based on what ? Educated guess at best. Now tell me why it is necessary to release a number? Why not just educate the people about how to avoid putting themselves at risk and to encourage people to get the shot if they feel they are at risk? There are politics at play here for sure.

  3. meatball Says:

    I believe the single most devastated country was India, however starvation and pestilence doesn’t explain why the vast majority of deaths occurred in young healthy adults versus the infirm elderly or the very young as is the case in the more common flu.

    Also, I’m pretty sure there was no flu vaccine, A or B in 1918.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    The point I am making is that we have the ability to fight off many of these virues without vaccines and that the vaccines in many cases create problems. And no I don’t believe there was a vaccine against the flu in 1918. Nore were there as many antibiotics to fight off the secondary infections that you yourself listed. But again the over use of these antibiotics can also create a tolerance against them.
    India did support the British in WWI so I am sure many of their troops fought in Africa at least. And as to your question about how starvation and pestilence can explain why more young “healthy ” adults died , well I would ask what you are basing your assumption that they were healthy on ,their age?

  5. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, I’ll link to this site I found. It is basic but give an idea of where and how and why influenza was spread and so deadly. One point is that it would seem that its real origin may have been in the trenches of WWI. Half the soldiers in europe died from influenza as apposed to enemy fire.Then you consider that as these troops came back home and brought the flu with them. Also being young and single they would have more than likely lived with and socialized with people of their own age. They would have been out looking for single women at bars , remember the nation was in the time right before prohibition so alcohol use was at an all time high (no pun intended), so if you factor in the lowering of ones immune system and also the promiscuity that goes along with young people and alcohol and it may explain why the disease was spread among the younger people. http://www.stanford.edu/group/virus/uda/#top

  6. meatball Says:

    You are funny Frank. Multiple organ failure and pulmonary edema are not caused by secondary infection. They are not caused by infection but rather the reaction to infection in the caase of the 1918 flu.

    Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infection. Anti-virals are used to treat viral infections like influenza A.

    You assume the young only hung out with the young so they got infected. So you must also assume that the elderly didn’t hang with the elderly? The very young didn’t hang with the very young or with their parents who were also relatively young parents (and died in disproportionate numbers to the elderly and infirm) compared to the majority of today’s parents?

    Are you trying to blame the 1918 flu epidemic on the prevelant use of alcohol in society? Wow, then there really is cause for concern with this new fluA virus.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    I am saying that the center of the pandemic was the military and that when these young men came home many were still living on military bases. You make assumptions that a majority of those who died would have had children , why? From what I have seen the majority were young but I ‘ve seen nothing that list the number of children each had.
    I apologise meatball if I haven’t made myself clear, many times what killed the people was the onset of pneumonia , and I also used the wrong word when talking about what the human body produces on its own, not antibiotics , but antibodies.

  8. meatball Says:

    Found an interesting piece in the news feed today, Frank and I thought you might be interested. I didn’t do any follow up today, but CDC has stuff in my email, I’m just too busy today.


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