And Still He Wants Us To Trust Him

  The White House has released a ten year prediction pertaining to our national deficit and debt.

  According to this latest prediction from the White House the deficit and debt will explode in the next decade. This latest prediction comes just as the CBO was set to release their own findings.

  The White House predicts that the deficit will grow to nearly nine trillion dollars between 2010-2019, this is two trillion more than the White House had predicted just last month. The estimate , and remember estimates from the government are notoriously low when it pertains to spending, of the national debt shows  that it will double in the same period to become three quarters the size of our entire national economy. This is unsustainable .  And when you tie this together with the fact that our unemployment rate is set to hit ten percent this year and you have the recipe for national economic disaster.

  This is the most destructive President since Woodrow Wilson . He has come out and nationalized private lenders, he has taken over the auto industry. He is running up a deficit and debt that we will never be able to pay off. He is attempting to control every aspect of our lives and all in the name of the betterment of the “ALL” , at the expense of the individual.

 And still he wants us to trust him , to allow him to also take over the health care industry as well. He says he can lower the cost of health care by spending more , excuse me ? If he can’t find a way to hold down the cost of running the government why should we believe he has any intention of cutting the cost of health care ?

  President Obama’s proposed take over of the private sector is on a scale to rival Mussolini .

  Time is running out for this nation to put a stop to this president’s path of destruction. This may be the most anti capitalistic President since F.D.R. .

  We the people must not stop our resistance to this push to socialize our government and our lives, we must continue to demand our Liberty, we must seek out and elect those who would oppose this president and his goals .

  We must do this as soon as possible , and that means the elections in 2010 are ever so important. They will be the first sand bags against this flood of socialism. But that cannot be the end either, we must build the dike ever higher and wider to prevent this from happening in the future. We must educate the people so that they see that democracy and capitalism are truly the bulwark of freedom and success .  John Adams said, ” Liberty cannot be preserved without  general knowledge among the people.”

  God help us if we fail to turn this tide , for we may be the generation that destroys the greatest ,freest nation that the world had ever known.


2 Responses to “And Still He Wants Us To Trust Him”

  1. Gazooba Says:

    Well, i’m resisting, but my Congress peeps are not. But resist i will continue to do. How did that interloper get to the highest, most prestigious office in the world with only approx 150 days experience in govt office, and a resume of being a thug organizer.
    Oh, me.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Gazooba, many are asking that question. But now we must focas on getting him and his minion out of office.

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