A Losing Bet

   The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a ruling today in regard to Delaware’s attempt at instituting sports betting .

   The court decided against Delaware and in favor of the NFL, MLB, and the NCAA.

  Delaware had wanted to institute a single game sports betting program which would have included all of the major sports leagues , both professional and non.

  The problem is that the federal government had passed a ban on sports betting back in 1992 . The ban did allow that any state that had previously had sports betting would be grandfathered in. Delaware was one of the few that had had a form of sports betting back in 1976.

 The grandfather clause limits the state to only the same scheme for betting that they had previously had. Delaware had had a multi- game parlay system in 1976 on professional football games only, so that is all they are allowed to have according to the law.

  This is exactly what the Third Circuit Court decided, that if the state wants sports betting , then it will have to be a parlay style and only on NFL games. The state would rather have the single game style due to the fact that parlay bets are rigged for the house so they don’t attract as many people willing to gamble.

  The real question is who is the Governor and the Democrats in the Legislature listening to ? How come everyday people such as myself and many others knew that this would be the result , yet the Governor pushed forward , even though he knew that he was going to face a fight from the sports leagues ?

 What was and is the master plan here? Is this an end run around public opinion in an attempt to now rush through table gambling ? Or is it just a case of hubris ?

  Whatever the case the tax payers has been forced to waste a lot of money to fight a law case that most everyone knew was a lost cause.

  The state has fourteen days to request a hearing before the appeals court to reconsider or reverse the ruling or the state can take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. For now though it would seem that there will be no betting in Delaware this year.


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