All I Can Say

  I have been hoping to post an article in support of Ruth Briggs-King , Republican candidate for the 37th Representative District of Delaware. This is the special election to fill the seat of former Representative , now Senator Joe Booth. The election will be held on Sept. 12th.

  While I have exchanged e-mails with Mrs. King in an attempt to discuss some of the issues facing her if she were to be elected , and she has promised to contact me as soon as possible, at this time she has been unable to make time to contact me in person . This is not a criticism since I understand the amount of time involved in a campaign .

  I do hope to attend a debate between her and her opponent , Democrat Rob Robinson, to be held on Aug. 28th at the Lewes Presbyterian Church located at 133 Kings Hwy in Lewes. The debate is being put together by the Lewes Homeowners’ Association.

 The only things I can speak to at this time about Mrs. King is what I have gathered from her web site and from what I heard in person at the last monthly GOP meeting which are basically the same things.

  She is for Balance . Balance of spending, balance of jobs , balance of growth and balance of power between the two parties .

  All I can gahter from Mrs. King’s web site is that she is a person with organizational skills and considers herself to be a fiscal conservative.

  As any of you who have visited this site know I consider all issues to be important to the betterment of the state and the nation. I would like to find out from Mrs. King first hand where she stands on such issues as immigration, abortion and protection of marriage. I would also like to know her position on energy issues such as the state mandating that private companies such as DP&L must buy higher costing energy from suppliers such as Blue Water Wind.

 So maybe if Mrs. King finds a minute or if I am able to attend the debate I can get answers to these questions that I believe to be important to the state and the nation.

  In fairness I do intend to attempt to contact Mr. Robinson also and afford him the same opportunity to comment on these issues.


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