Good News , Bad News

  It would seem as if the White House is playing a huge game of good news, bad news .

   The White House released a press release yesterday stating that the the deficit would be about $262 billion less then they had predicted for the current fiscal year of 2009. Good news right ?

  Well maybe not so good when you consider that most of that , around $250 billion was a contingency fund that the White House had set aside in the budget in case it was needed as a second bailout for Wall Street. Now that it seems as if that will be unnecessary the White House has taken it off the table.

  This also allows the administration to spin this as good news at a time when the President’s approval ratings have taken another record dip to around 45% who think he is headed in the right direction.

  But wait , before you get to excited about the reduction of the deficit by $262 billion , remember that the deficit for 2009 will still come in at around a wopping  $1.58 TRILLION dollars and if that doesn’t get your attention , that is around three times larger than last years deficit. But wait , our total national debt is around $11.7 TRILLION.

  Wow , I don’t know how much good news we can stand from this President.

  He comes out and tells us as if it were a good thing that he has “REDUCED” the deficit when in reality he has increased it three times the size of the previous year and, and, and HE WANTS TO PUSH THROUGH HEALTH CARE TAKEOVER WHICH WOULD SEND GOVERNMENT SPENDING THROUGH THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  This President poses the greatest danger to our national economy since FDR. He is headed in the same socialist /fascist direction that FDR was before WWII brought us out of the Great Depression.

  We as citizens must put a stop to this out of control administration and that must start with the elections in 2010, we must pull his Democrat teeth in congress. I only hope it’s not too late!!


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