And Still They Went !

  Today the people of Afghanistan went to the polls to elect a president . It is being said that it is considered a low turn out.

  Well I guess that since the Taliban terrorist have been threatening for months to punish anyone who votes in the election , it’s not surprising that there would be a low turn out.

   But even with the threat of car bombs, still they went.

   With the threat of having their fingers or hands cut of, still they went.

   Some had to travel many many miles to get to the polls, and still they went.

   They were frisked before entering the polling place, and still they went.

  And with all of these obstacles , still they went to cast their votes for the freedom to continue to do so.

   So the next time an election rolls around and it’s raining or snowing, or you have to find a ride or any of the other inconveniences that you may think to big to make it worth going I want you to remember the people of Afghanistan today and make sure that you go and vote to maintain our freedoms.


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