Why Delaware Will Never Host The Olympics

  A South African teenager by the name Caster Semenya has won the gold medal for the 800 meter run at the world championships with a record time in women’s competition.

  The problem is, “SHE” may not be a “SHE” !

  The same day that “SHE” made “HER” record breaking run, the ruling body for track and field announced that Semenya was undergoing a gender test to see if  “SHE” meets the requirements to compete as a women.

  South African officials would not comment on whether Semenya was undergoing such a test or not or whether “SHE ” was a “SHE ” or not. All that they would say is that they had entered Semenya as a woman .

  Now imagine if you will a world level competition of this sort being held here in Delaware where this sort of test might be defined as discriminatory .

  What about on a local level ? Imagine a high school age boy who identifies himself as a girl and  wants to run track and field as a girl . Will the state enforce its law and allow a boy to destroy the girls track and field program ?

  These are the sort of things that arise when we ignore the laws of nature in favor of the laws of man. 

 ” Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams .


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