More Federal Dollars At Work

   The Sussex County Council has decided to again suck at the Federal teat. It will accept $40,000 to preform a study on how to lower the county’s energy use.  The county then hopes to receive another $648,000 to implement the plan that the study comes up with.

  Do we really need to spend this type of money to figure out how to lower energy use?

  We have been hearing about this conservation thing now for almost fifty years. Turn off unneeded lights, turn down the thermostat in the winter, turn up the thermostat in the summer, add insulation , repair or replace windows and doors to reduce heat and air loss.

  Wow , I guess the federal government owes me the forty thousand dollars, I just did a study on how to reduce the county’s energy use.

 Oh , I almost forgot , we must use alternative energy sources to increase the cost of the energy  , this too will reduce energy use.

  Remember folks that even if the county reduces its energy use , you will see no reduction in the amount of taxes you pay. The money coming from the Federal Grant came from you, the money that will pay to implement the plan , came from you. This is just another shell came being played with your tax dollars.

  The County Council is making the same mistake with this so called stimulus money as they did with all of the revenue they were getting from the transfer tax. They are spending as if it will always be there and it won’t be.

  But in this case matters are worse because the Federal government gets to mandate how the money is spent , again using the tax dollars of the citizens to take even more control of local governments.

 I challenge the Sussex County Council to do the right thing and stop allowing the Federal government to get its hooks into our county through these silly waste of tax dollar programs.


2 Responses to “More Federal Dollars At Work”

  1. Ed Heath Says:

    We need to stop our government from “granting” our money so freely. Its not about the money it is about the power! Once you accept these grants, freebies, hush money, or what ever else they are disguised as; you are in bed with the giver. Trust me, the feds will be knocking on your door saying “Now, what can you do for me?”.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Ed , agreed , no Federal dollar ever came without a string or a mandate attatched. Unfortunately the problem is multi dementional.
    On the one side you have the Federal Government offering the money back to the states,that they have stolen from the states, they do this for only one reason, control !
    On the other side you have the local governments greedy enough to accept the money at whatever the cost or loss of control over their local jurisdiction .
    But the real problem is in getting the local governments to refuse to take the money, because the Federal Government is going to continue to steal the money from the state’s people whether the states accept it back or not. If the states or in this case a county refuse the grants then they may have to raise local tax rates also. This puts an extreme tax burden on the people which makes local official very unpopular at election time , again this is part of the Federal power grab plan.

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