It’s The Little Things

  Let me start by saying I know this is going to sound petty , but I do believe it is the little things that Pres. Obama says when he is off the teleprompter that speak volumes about his attitude and his opinion of his self and the American people.

  Today the White House and the President hosted NASCAR Champion Jimmy Johnson. For the photo -op they parked Johnson’s number 48 stock car on the White House lawn. In his remarks to the press the President mentioned that he was glad they could convince Johnson not to do any burn outs and I quote , “tear up my back yard”.

 Really Mr. President , your back yard? No Mr. President, that back yard belongs to the people, that yard surrounds the people’s House .

  It is these small off the cuff remarks that give us a glimpse of the President’s arrogance about his position. This remark about it being his back yard or about how cool his plane is shows no humility from a man in an office where humility should be a job requirement.


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