Now More Than Ever

   As the fight over health insurance reform has heated up , and we have seen more Americans deciding that they want to decide their own health care issues and not the government, we now have the President hinting that he may be willing to drop his demand for a  “public plan”.

  The so called public plan equates to health insurance subsidized by the tax payers. The public plan would effectively put private insurers out of business due to the fact that private companies could not compete .

  The problem for Pres. Obama is that if he drops the public plan from his demands, to be able to move a reform bill through the Senate , he then faces losing about one hundred Democrat votes from the far left wing of his party in the House . These left wing Democrats see a reform bill without a public plan as no reform at all.

  This change of strategy on the part of the President is due in large part to the number of American citizens who have come out in protest of this health care reform. Whether it be TEA parties, or angry citizens at Town Hall Meetings, or the conservative media , we have seen a grass roots movement that has fought the administration to a stand still. The fact that the President has floated a trial balloon to see if pulling the public plan would allow the bill to pass the Senate , I believe is a good sign that we can stop the take over of our health care decisions.

  That being said this is no time to relax, this is no time to think we have won. We must continue to push back against this socialist president in order to retain our Liberty.

  We must resist the urge to think that it is now time to compromise. Don’t be surprised that if the public plan is pulled from the bill that you will start hearing Republicans saying that we have won some sort of victory and that we now have a reform bill that they can vote for.

  I say what we need to do is to continue to fight against any involvement of the government beyond regulation. The government has no business being in any business. The government’s role in this whole thing is to make sure that insurers live up to whatever contract is negotiated between two private parties. It is up to private citizens to negotiate their own contracts.

  Now more than ever we must continue to hold the line against the spread of socialism in The United States of America . The same as in a boxing match , when you have your opponent on the ropes in the corner you keep him there and you keep hitting him until he is down or until his corner throws in the towel.

  I believe the President is in the corner and on the ropes, though his corner isn’t ready to throw in the towel, both Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid have said they will not remove the public plan from the reform bill. So I say we continue to fight right up until the election cycle begins and let’s see how many Representatives and Senators want to go home and try to get votes while trying  to sell something that over half of the citizens are against.


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  1. Ed Heath Says:

    Frank, you are right that we can’t stop pushing back. As I wrote in my blog the other day (, its not about the particulars of the healthcare plan, it is about the Marxist move of the government to infiltrate another industry.

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