All Issues Are Relative Part II

 In an attempt to demonstrate that conservatism is the answer to all our problems and that this tendency to moderate on some issues is counter productive, I am writing this series of articles to express my view that all issues are relative to your view point. And that if you take a moment to look at them from another angle that you may see that you are not that far off from those you thought to  have radical ideas on the issue.

  My first article in this series was about the highly controversial topic of abortion. Clearly a social issue, but when you look at the cost of it to the American tax payers it becomes also a fiscal issue.

  This time I would like to talk about the health care plan being debated around the nation . Again this would seem to be a clear cut case of a fiscal policy that fiscal conservatives would rally against and also those opposed to larger government. And it is , but , it is also a social issue .

  We are all becoming aware of the cost to tax payers that this plan would lead to , but also the loss of Liberty that would result.

  Yes this plan would leave a debt for our children beyond imagination , but what will it do to our society as well?

  Those who support health care reform have said it will benefit all Americans by lowering the cost of health care. It is clear to many of us that the only way to lower these cost is through rationing of services. Now to a fiscal conservative , on the surface this may sound like a good thing.

 We must ask ourselves though , at what cost do we save this money?

  We have heard of the “death committees”, these so called , would be committees made up of doctors , scientist,but also of political appointees. These committees would be charged with deciding the amount of health care and what type of treatment patients would receive based on things such as ,cost ,survivability , viability and also age.

  Do we really as a society want government officials deciding life issues for us. Now some will say that there is no difference between government or private companies deciding. Well for me there is , if you are un-happy with a private insurer you have the option to change companies. That option is lost under Obama care. With private insurers if you are dissatisfied or feel you have been treated unfairly you have the government to appeal to, also the government has authority to regulate private insurers to maintain a level of fairness. But under Obama care who will be the check and balance, who will you appeal to if you feel that the government plan is treating you unfairly, how will the government self regulate ?

  This health care plan while it will have a devistating  effect on our economy , it will also have a chilling effect on our society. I believe we will see people suffering from cancer in the latter stages being warehoused until they die as opposed to being allowed to fight for their lives. The elderly will be determined to be non-viable or not worhty of the expense of treatment and again merely given management of their illnesses instead of real treatment. Also imagine those in the latter stages of AIDS , should we be wasting tax dollars to treat those who have no real chance of survival ?

  How will all of this affect our attitudes as a society towards these people, will we start to see them as burdens to be done away with , as lesser people , as a waste of resources ? Will we decide that euthanasia is a better option as the Nazis did in Germany?

 Now also consider the fact that this health care plan also includes a section that would insure that all abortions would be paid for. If you increase the availability of abortions by paying for them , you will increase the number of abortions that will be preformed. Again this is a policy that lessons the value of life . For you fiscal conservatives out there imagine the cost to tax payers as the number of abortions being paid for with tax dollars explodes . But for those of us who are against abortion on moral grounds , the loss of life and the cost to our collective souls as a society is un-measurable.

  So I hope that I have again demonstrated that while the health care plan may seem like a cut and dry fiscal issue , like all issues in my opinion it is both a fiscal and a social issue. And if we apply good core conservative values to the solution of them we can move this nation forward and insure the Liberty of ourselves and our descendants.

  John Adams once said that , ” In politics the middle way is non at all .”


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