To  all of the regular visitors to this site I would like to extend my apologies for not posting a new article in several days.

  I have been busy with life and have only been able to respond to comments on previous articles.

  I do hope that many of you have found the discussion between myself and Mr. Bennett informative.

  I hope to be able to post a new article sometime this evening so please keep this site in your favorites and tell a friend.



One Response to “Apologies”

  1. Pat Fish Says:

    First, I like to come to this site because that awful, awful Perry person is never here. He hangs around conservative sites and makes a nuisance of himself and I can’t stand him.

    As for Judson Bennett….let me tell you….I learned more about Mr. Bennett by reading his comments on this site, Frank, and I am so ashamed that once upon a time I voted for this man.

    His behavior to you was reprehensible, how he mocked you…..I’ll never forget what he wrote. I will spend the rest of my political life in the state of Delaware fighting anything with him or in which he is involved.

    Not that I’m anybody and God knows I don’t want him visiting my insignificant Blog. So far as I’m concerned the man should become a Democrat and be done with it. He arrogance is more befitting to a Democrat at any rate.

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