All Issues Are Relative

  In 2006 tax payers funded 177,404 abortions at a cost of $89 million .

  In 1977 the Hyde Amendment restricted the amount of federal funding that could be spent on abortions. It required that the abortion be necessary to save the mother’s life or in the case of rape or incest.

  But due to the fact that their are states that have” non- restrictive” policies for funding “medically necessary ” abortions the tax payers are still paying to murder children.

  In 2006 the federal government paid for 191 abortions for low income women costing $0.2 million . While in the same year, states paid for 177,213 abortions at a cost to tax payers of $88.8 million through Medicaid.

 The largest recipient of  tax dollars for preforming abortions of course is Planned Parenthood (that name always drives me nuts).

  In the F.Y. of 2006-07 Planned Parenthood received $336.7 million in government grants and contracts. Tax payers provided 33.1 % of their total revenue of $1.o billion  for the F.Y. 2006-07.

  Planned Parenthood is a not for profit organization and yet they reported $114.8 million in profit for F.Y. 2006-07. And even though they reported profits they continue to ask and lobby for more tax payer funding. In fact Planned Parenthood received $31.4 million more tax dollars in 2006-07 than they did in 2005-06 .

  And thanks in large part to the tax dollars they recieved , Planned Parenthood  was able to murder 289,750 babies in 2006.

  Now taking  into consideration that the health care plan being debated in congress  has legislation in it to fund all abortions, and the cost to tax payers for funding abortions will explode.

  Now I challenge all of those fiscal conservatives out there to tell me that abortion is not a fiscal issue!!!!!!

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