Bubba To The Rescue

  Former President Bill Clinton was able to do what current President Obama and even his own wife Secretary of State Hilary Clinton couldn’t do, he gained the release of the two jailed and convicted journalist from North Korea.

  Mr. Clinton went to N. Korea on what has been described as a private humanitarian mission , but which the Obama administration seems ready to take as much credit for as they can.

  The trip resulted in the highest level talks between Mr. Clinton and N. Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

  The two journalist had been convicted and sentenced to hard labor for entering N. Korea illegally according to N. Korea. Side note maybe we should take a note from N. Korea on how to handle illegal immigration.

The talks between Mr. Clinton and Jong Il  were said to be “wide raging and exhaustive” , according to N. Korean state run media. This is the same media that says that Jong Il is their   ” Dear Leader “.

  After the release of the journalist they were seen boarding a jet with Mr. Clinton , who after shaking the women’s hands then turned to the crowd , waved , put his hand over his heart and saluted the N. Korean officials, ah ever the showman. The N. Korean officials also waved as the plane took off. How touching.

  So my question is , did Pres. Clinton have to call in all of his chits or just a couple to pull this off ?

  Let us not forget that it was the Clinton administration that made it possible for N. Korea to make the giant leap forward in their nuclear program after then Secretary of State Albright negotiated behind the scenes to trade technology for , well we were never really sure just what they got for the technology. But we may have just witnessed “Don ” Clinton calling in a favor for a favor.

  Now of course the Obama people will herald this as a great thing and hitch their wagon to it if they can , but in my opinion it demonstrates that this administration has absolutely no skill at dealing with foreign governments and this should be seen as a failure of the Obama administration and especially a failure of the State Department and Secretary of State Clinton.


2 Responses to “Bubba To The Rescue”

  1. Maria Evans Says:

    Both reporters were working for Al Gore’s tv station. One of the reporters is the sister of the woman who reports for Oprah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oprah secured the release, not Obama’s Administration OR the Clinton machine.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Maria first let me correct something, I didn’t mention the fact that no matter who managed their release , it is a good thing. I only hope that they were not being used by both sides as pawns and that they could have been out sooner.

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