Delaware , All In

  In a state that just went through a budget battle that saw officials threatening an eight percent pay cut for state employees and some floating the idea of a sales tax. Where we have seen our government raise taxes on those earning over sixty thousand along with other rate increases. Where we have been told that the only way to balance the budget was to raise these taxes and to institute sports betting and to expand the number of racinos.

 Well in this state of Delaware we now see that the Governor is willing to push all in to see his dream of sports betting come true. In this state that had a budget short fall of around eight hundred million dollars before all the maneuvering listed above , well in this state the governor is willing to spend close to five hundred dollars an hour per lawyer for a team of Wilmington lawyers , but also close to four hundred for their associates. But wait the state is also going to hire a second law firm to assist the first.

  All of this money will be coming from tax payers to fight the NFL and other sports leagues who are attempting to stop the state of Delaware from instituting single bet sports betting.

  So we have to cut wages, we are threatened with a sales tax, some Representatives even inferred that we might have to cut essential services such as police and teachers and prison guards.

  But I guess we have the funds to spend on fighting the NFL ?

  Don’t you just love the Gov. Jack Markell ?


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