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Getting Smoked !

August 31, 2009

  Defence Secretary Gates is reviewing a report from the Institute of Medicine recommending  that the military be made smoke free and or completely tobacco free. Secretary Gates says that right now he is only reviewing the report and that if it were to ever happen it is most likely twenty years down the road.

  Are you kidding me ? These men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and we are considering telling them they can’t smoke ? Have we lost our collective minds here people.

  The argument is being made that aside from the medical issues, which by the way many may not live long enough to suffer from, that smoking creates a loss of productivity due to the fact that every couple of hours soldiers have to take a smoke break. Well they wouldn’t lose so much time if they weren’t forced to walk to designated smoking areas. If office personnel could smoke at their desk they could continue to work while smoking.  If other base personnel could just step back to a safe distance they also would lose less time from  work.

  Now as for those actually in the field fighting , it should be up to their commanding officer as to when it is safe to smok’em if you got’em .

  I cannot believe that we would actually considering this. It is proven that smoking can relieve stress and if anyone needs to relieve stress, it is our armed forces.

  This is a perfect example of what we can expect if we voluntarily turn over our health choices to the government . These men and women volunteered to protect us and turned over control of their lives to the government, and that is the life of a soldier. Now consider if the government had control of your life through mandatory health care run by the government.

  How long would it be before they would be telling us to stop smoking or drinking , or eating fried foods. This is what is to be expected from a totaliitarian government.

  I say if these men and women want to smoke let’em . If they can make the decision to join the armed forces and are willing to risk their lives to fight against the likes of those who attacked us on 9/11 then they damn sure can make the decision to lite up a smoke.


Ruth Briggs -King

August 31, 2009

  Last night Mrs. Ruth Briggs-King did contact me and was able to give me as much time as was needed .

  I asked her the same basic questions that I had asked Mr. Robinson , her opponent in the up coming special election for the 37th Representative District of Delaware. I encourage everyone to read my article about Mr. Robinson so as to get a contrasting point of view of the two candidates.

  Let me say thank you to Mrs.King for finding the time in what I can only imagine is a very hectic campaign.

  My first  question was how she felt about the state of Delaware mandating that a private power company such as DP&L must buy their energy from alternative suppliers like Blue Water Wind.  Basically her position was to say that she was against government getting involved with what should be handled by the two private entities and that the free market should determine the best supplier of energy.

  When asked , if elected where she would look first to make cuts to reduce the tax burden on the citizens her first response was the amount of consultant fees that the state pays out. Many times to firms outside the state of Delaware. She also pointed out that many times these studies are completely unnecessary. Mrs. King also brought up the point that we need to take a look at the way we handle purchasing bids to insure we are getting the best possible price for items and that we are again using in state suppliers when ever possible. Mrs. King feels that the state should lesson the amount of duplication in agencies and services to again reduce the cost to the tax payers.

  When I brought the conversation around to social issues Mrs. King was eager to discuss them with me.

  I asked Mrs. King if elected, would she  be willing to vote to repeal the homosexual anti discrimination law recently passed and then expanded by the Governor to include gender identification. Mrs. King stated that she had not been in favor of the law and depending on the wording of anything that would replace it she would be in favor of its removal. She also stated without hesitation that she would be in favor of a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage , which she described as , one man , one woman.

  On immigration and whether individual states in general and Delaware in particular were doing all that they could to reduce the amount of illegals within the state , Mrs. King said that while it is mainly a Federal issue , that each state faces unique problems from illegal immigration and that the state should work to reduce those problems , but that the state is limited by the budget on how much it can do.

  If I could step out of the interview for a moment and say that I got basically the same answer from both candidates on this issue and that I think both are not looking at the big picture and that there is quite a bit more to do right here in the state.

  So my final question for Mrs. King was whether she felt that each state has the Constitutional power to restrict abortion within their state. Again Mrs. King gave a similar answer as Mr. Robinson , that being that the Federal decision of Roe v. Wade , had settled the issue. But unlike Mr. Robinson , Mrs. King was quick to add that she was against abortions  and that she believed that life begins at conception.

  So my general impression of Mrs. King is that she is clearly a small government conservative . She also made it clear that she is a supporter of traditional family values . I cannot unfortunately vote in this special election , but if I could I would have no trouble casting my vote for Ruth Briggs-King.

  Now to address something that is making the rounds on some of the other blogs, the question of whether Mrs. King is or isn’t a registered lobbyist. First let me say that I’m not sure why this should disqualify her from public office, for what is a State Representative or even a State Senator , if they are not lobbyist for their constituents. I have personally heard Mrs. King admit to being a registered lobbyist , I again asked in the interview, I have heard and read others speak of it and it is a matter of public record. Point being , Mrs. King has not in any way tried to hide the fact .

  There has also been some question of whether she is a member of the PGA or Positive Growth Alliance, again she says that she is not a member though she has attended some of their functions. So again let me ask , why does being a member of an organization or attending their functions exclude you from elected office. If you want to judge the person based on the issues that they advocate for or the groups they align themselves with that is fine , but discuss the issues , don’t just hurl accusations around .

  I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Ruth Briggs -King for taking the time to speak with me and for being open and honest in her responses.

  And for all of the voters in the 37th District , don’t forget the election is on Sept. 12th, be sure to go and vote , the world is run by those who show up !

While We Were Looking Away

August 30, 2009

 President Obama has been criticized by those on the Republican side as well as the Democrat side for pushing too hard , too soon and too much all at once.

  But what if that is exactly the strategy ? What if the plan is to push all of these weighty issues at once in the hope of getting anything through. Maybe the President doesn’t care if he gets health care through if he is able to get cap and trade through. What if his only real priority is to get some historical legislation through that he can put his name on. I mean other than an historical defecit of course.

   I use the two examples of health care and cap and trade because if you remember cap and trade was one hot item just before the health care debate blew up.

  Look at it this way, the intricacies of the shell game that is cap and trade may be lost on the average person. Also the attitude of older Americans could be , “what do I care about energy cost being doubled ? I’ll be dead soon.” But when you talk about end of life care and taking away a person’s chance to live a little longer , even if they don’t understand all of the ends and outs, they will still be angry.

  So while we cannot abandon the fight against the takeover of our health care choices, we also must not ignore that there are still people working ever so hard to pass cap and trade.

  Now those working to pass cap and trade or cap and tax as many have titled it , is being sold as a way to do two major things. One being to reduce carbon emissions and the other to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  Okay let’s look at the issue of reducing carbon emissions or Co2 by imposing cap and trade. Cap and trade is when the all powerful federal government decides how much Co2 ,  is too much Co2. The government will assign a certain amount of carbon credits to manufacturers and power producers. Now if an individual plant uses less than its assigned amount of credits it may sell them to a plant that has used more than its assigned amount of credits. So what has been reduced ? Nothing. The only thing that has been accomplished is the selling and buying of credits. The cost of which will be passed on to the consumer, some estimates have said that we could see the doubling of energy cost and the amount this will add to manufactured goods is unknown .

  We are also being told that we must reduce the amount of foriegn oil we import for national security reasons. While I agree that relying on foriegn oil is a security risk, I do not feel that higher fuel standards and plug in hybrids are the answer.

 First of all raising fuel standards will always be offset by the number of new drivers. So if a person buys a new car that saves  two hundred gallons of gasoline a year , this will be offset by a new driver that may use two thousand gallons a year. And then you get to the push for plug in hybrids. Hello , where do these people think the electric comes from, that comes out of the little socket in the wall. If you create thousands or millions of cars that are to be plugged into the power grid you increase the demand for electricity, which will increase the amount of Co2 emissions and the use of oil at plants that are oil fired.

  We are also being told that by changing over fleet vehicles such as taxis and metro buses to natural gas we will lower Co2 and reduce our dependence on oil. Okay , I’ll give you that natural gas is cleaner and an alternative to oil. But fuel mileage is not as good, you will buy more natural gas in a year than you would buy gasoline. Who benefits from that? Well the obvious answer is the natural gas companies , but also the government that taxes the sale of the product. If you are buying more then the government will see increased revenue.

  Now let me address the biggest lie of all . Much of the argument for cap and trade, and the reduction of Co2 is to counter man made global warming or as it is now being labled climate change . These false measures will do nothing to reduce global out put of carbon. As we are forced here at home to destroy our economy for the sake of environmental wackos , the rest of the world is expanding .

  In my opinion , “climate warming global change” is a non issue , it is being used by those who would profit from the bait and switch of cap and trade or from the use of alternative fuels.

  Now I do feel that we can address the issue of dependency on foreign oil without ruining our economy and actually improve it.

   We have what may be the largest know reserve of coal in the world. There are ways to use this natural resource in ways that can offset our need for oil .

  But what we really need to do is to drill domestically for every drop of oil that we can find. Both of these options can create jobs and revenue for the nation without artificially driving up the cost of energy to the consumer and without relying on unproven technology.

  So while it is important to keep up the fight against the destruction of our health care system , it is just as important to keep up the fight against those who would wreck our economy through cap and trade.

China ? North Korea ?

August 29, 2009

  No ! Right here in the good ole  U.S.A. !

   There is a Senate Bill out there that was authored by Sen. Jay Rockefeller ,Democrat from West Virginia , and co-sponsored by , yes once again that crazy gal from Maine , Sen. Olympia Snow ,Republican ? You tell me .

  The bill would allow the government to seize control of the  Internet , literally disconnecting private sector computers from the web during a national “cybersecurity crisis .”

   The President would be able to declare such a crisis relating to “non-governmental ” computer networks and to do what is necessary to respond to the threat.

   The bill also calls for a federal program for  “cybersecurity professionals” and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be “MANAGED ” by people who have been “AWARDED” the license. Think Nazi Brownshirts burning books.

  People this is not China or North Korea, this is the United States of America , how can we continue to allow this fascist take over of our Liberty to continue.

  Isn’t it clear that this is an attempt to nullify one of the most effective tools we have to oppose this dictator.

  This bill would give unlimited power to one man to decide what constitutes a crisis and to then shut down what has become possibly our main form of communication.

  But what may be more troubling still is the license . The government would be given the power to decide who gets to run what within the cyber world . This would be tantamount to government censoring the information that would be allowed to be put out.

  If the government gets to decide who runs a system or network then that person is beholden to the government for their lively hood. If the government has the power to give the license, then it would have the power to take it away , this would lead to the people with the license attempting not to offend the government. Also the licenses would be handed out and revoked based on which political party happened to be in power at the time , which would give a huge amount of control to that party, possibly making it possible to completely eliminate all opposition parties.

  We would see the holder of the license restricting content that might be deemed to be offensive to the government and what is more offensive to the government than political speech . This would be a dangerous tool to put in the hands of any President , but to put it in the hands of such a radical leftist who has already shown a tendency to take over private industries and to appoint czar after czar to work outside the normal boundaries of  our Constitution would be the end of free speech .

  Just look to China and North Korea , anytime that there is any sign of dissent from official government policy the first thing they do is to shut down Internet access. Do we really want to model ourselves after these two Socialist states?

  This President has created real and imagined crisis since taking office , whether it be the lending crisis, or the health care crisis , the unemployment crisis , he comes out and tells us that we are on the brink of disaster every other day and that we must act immediately to stave off further disaster. How long do you suppose it would be, if given this power to declare a crisis and to shut down the Internet , that we would be told that there was a threat to national cybersecurity ? And wouldn’t it be convenient for the President to be able to limit access to the Internet right in the middle of the health care debate ?

 Wake up people, this man and his lackeys are the most dangerous thing to happen to this nation in many years. And the only thing that will allow this sort of fascist government to succeed is for people to say, “it could never happen here.”

Rob Robinson

August 27, 2009

  I had hoped to write just one article contrasting the two candidates for the special election to fill the seat of the 37th Representative district left vacant after the former holder of the seat Joe Booth won his special election to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Thurman G. Adams Jr. . One more special election and we should get the fourth one free.

 I had hoped to write only one article, but at this time that is not possible due to the fact that after ten days Mrs. Ruth Briggs-King has yet to find  the time to contact me.

  On the other hand Mr. Robert Robinson did make time to speak with me about a few of the issues . I was able to attain his phone number , left a message and within about an hour or so he returned my call and gave me about twenty minutes or so.  To Mr. Robinson, let me say how much I appreciate his taking the time and his honest answers.

  I basically asked Mr. Robinson the same questions I would and will ask Mrs. King if given the chance. The questions are intended more to give me a feel of where the candidate stands in a general sense , and are not intended to tie the candidate down on any one issue.

  My first question to Mr. Robinson was how he felt about the state of Delaware mandating that DP&L must buy a certain percentage of their energy from alternative suppliers such as Blue Water wind.  While he admitted limited knowledge of the ins and outs of the actual case , he seemed to believe that the state had every right to mandate the requirement.

   On the second question about the state budget , I asked  about raising taxes and where he thought the state could cut cost to reduce the tax burden on the citizens. He was emphatic that he was not going to Dover to raise taxes. As to where the state could cut cost , he stated that he felt that the current strategy was a good start. That we should continue to cut state jobs through attrition and not filling them unless the job was proven to be vital. He also said he believed that state agencies should have to come before a board and show just cause for the money they request in their budgets. On the subject of the pay cuts to Delaware state employees  and the taxes that were raised , he said he felt that the employees and the citizens should feel relieved that Delaware hadn’t had to make cuts as deep or raise taxes as high as surrounding states.  Mr. Robinson  also mentioned a proposal by Republicans to instead of raising taxes on just those who make over sixty thousand , that we should have raised taxes across the board, Mr. Robinson seemed to see this as a bad thing though myself believe that by spreading the tax hike across as large a base as possible you lesson the impact on all.

  My third question was whether or not Mr. Robinson  was comfortable discussing social issues. While he did  say  yes and did answer with a fair amount of candor , I did sense a moment of hesitation.

  I then asked , if elected would he vote in favor of repealing the anti discrimination law recently passed. That was a fairly straight forward no! I asked would he be in favor of a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage , again no! He also said that he felt both were issues that were settled. I’m not sure I agree with him on that.

  On the topic of whether individual states were doing enough to fight illegal immigration and whether he felt that they could do more he fell back to the position of  , ” it’s a Federal issue”. Again not sure I can agree, I think states such as Delaware that have a huge problem with illegals can and should do more.

 My final question was on abortion. Now come on guys you knew I would get around to it . Again I asked if he felt that states had the Constitutional power to restrict abortion within their own state. Of course him being a lawyer he quoted  Roe v. Wade , and while he said that it may not be the best example of jurisprudence it is the law of the land and didn’t seem inclined to be in favor of changing it. He added that he believed that we should do everything within our powers to reduce the number of abortions through education. Sounds familiar. I did try to ask a question about health care and he said he wasn’t going there, so I let him use his one free pass and since he was arriving at his destination and had to go that was the end of the interview.

  I have explained before but let me do this again. The reason I feel that such questions are relevant is because many candidates for local offices will in the future run for higher office , where these issues are decided.

  My personal opinion of Mr. Robinson is that he was open to any question and that he answered honestly, even though I told him my blog was canted to the right he didn’t try to give me answers he might expect I would want to hear.

  Now on a political level I find myself at odds with Mr. Robinson . As I admitted to him about being canted to the right , I found him to be canted to the left on social issues I hold to be of extreme importance, and I am honest enough to realize that this is due in large part to the fact that I am canted pretty far right. On the fiscal issues he did have some good points about attrition of jobs and having the agencies prove they need more money every year.   

  Again I want to thank Mr. Robinson for his time and his honest answers.

The Employment Non Discrimination Act

August 27, 2009

Or ENDA , is working it’s way through congress.  ENDA is intended to restrict decisions about hiring , firing and wages in the work place in relation to homosexuals and trans gender employees. It would exempt religious organizations , the military and businesses with less than fifteen employees.

 The so called anti homosexual discrimination law is being championed by none other than openly homosexual Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) , shocking I know.

  ENDA was run up the flag pole back in 2007 but was pulled because it didn’t have the support of all factions of the homosexual and trans gender community at that time due to the fact that the bill at that time did not cover trans gender and gender identity. The latest version does.

  Also in 2007 the bill faced an almost certain veto from then President Bush , of course now with President Obama , if the bill were to reach his desk it will most certainly be signed into law.

  The 2007 version of ENDA also faced stiff opposition in the Senate but the latest version has gained support from some of the usual Republican suspects when it comes to supporting liberal ideas about social issues. ENDA has been introduced in the Senate by Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley along with those two crazy gals from Maine  Senators Olympia Snow and Susan Collins , both so called Republicans.

 We recently had this very argument right here in Delaware , and we know what the end game is for these leftist. They are looking to get the nose of the camel under the tent. They see this as a way to make an end run around marriage protection advocates and also I believe this kind of legislation will be used in the future to attack the very religious organizations it say it exempts.

  This is being sold as civil rights legislation but what it is really intended to do is to be used to attack the civil rights of business owners and churches.

  Let us think how this sort of thing can have un-intended consequences . Just look at the runner at the world games last week being tested to see if the runner was a women as the runner said ,or if the runner was something else. Now imagine the next time the Olympics are held in the United States if this law is in place ? Can the Olympic governing body test people for gender or would they be in violation of the law ? Would the Olympics even want to take the chance ? Might they boycott the United States, might we never host another Olympics?

  How do we handle school sports in the future here in Delaware and across the nation under this law. Can boys who identify themselves as girls compete against the girls ?

  Okay I know that the current legislation is intended to only apply to the work place and employment. This is the trouble with this sort of feel good legislation. People like Snow and Collins go along with it because they believe they are helping to alleviate someones pain or suffering. But because they take a short view of it they don’t see the many twist and turns that this will take in the future when people with less than good intentions use this law to inflict pain and suffering upon someone else.

Dead Man Talking

August 27, 2009

 It would seem , and is no surprise, that the Democrats have absolutely no shame when it comes to them  seeking  control and power.

  It hasn’t taken long for leading Democrats to start invoking the late Sen. Kennedy’s name when speaking about the need to pass health care take over legislation. Granted Sen. Kennedy was a leader in the fight for the Democrats to take over and ruin health care but to use his passing as some emotional touch stone is reprehensible .

  We have heard how important it would be to pass health care destruction legislation this year in honor of the late Sen. Kennedy.

  Speaker Pelosi and former Pres. Carter are a couple of the most notable. But also Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen , who just happens to be the chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee , but of course these statements about the need to pass health care demolition legislation in the same statements about the passing of Sen. Kennedy are not to be seen as being political in any way , yeah right.

Still Waiting Mrs. King

August 27, 2009

In an earlier article I wrote that I had been in contact with 37th Rep. Dist. candidate Ruth Briggs-King by e-mail and that she or one of her staff had lead me to believe that she would be calling me in the near future.

  In one of her e-mails Mrs. King asked for the questions I wanted to ask, so I sent them to her on Aug. 18,2009 , she responded on Aug.19,2009 that again she would print out the questions and give me a call from the campaign trail. No problem I understand she ‘s busy. But it is now Aug.27,2009 and I think I am getting the brush job.

  Maybe she has just forgotten about contacting me , after all as Mr. Bennett has pointed out in the past , this is just a “little ,insignificant site” or maybe I made the mistake of giving her the questions ahead of time , maybe she just wants to avoid the sort of issues I choose to see as important.

  I am going to list the questions that I sent her in this article and let you, the reader decide. Also if any of you out there have any contact with Mrs. King please let her know she is welcome to come to my “little” site and answer the questions right here.

  First let me say that like all candidates at this time and especially the GOP candidates we are assured that Mrs. King is for lower taxes and smaller government, she is for controlled growth and it would seem is conservative on all things fiscal.

  Now I have been to her web site and I heard her statement at the monthly Sussex GOP meeting and all I can gather from those sources is that she is a fiscal conservative, I have found no mention of her position on what could be described as social issues. The following are the questions I posed to Mrs. King. There were two fiscal questions also.

  1.) Where do you stand on such things as the state of Delaware  mandating  that a power company such as DP&L  must purchase a set amount of its energy from alternative power suppliers such as Blue Water Wind ?

 2.) If elected , in what area would you look to make cuts first to reduce the tax burden on the citizens ?

 3.) Since your site or your statement at the GOP meeting made no mention of social issues, are you uncomfortable stating your position on topics such as abortion , immigration and homosexuality ?

  4.)If elected would you vote to repeal the homosexual discrimination law recently passed  and would you be in favor of another attempt at a constitutional amendment for the protection of traditional marriage ?

  5.) Do you feel that individual states have a larger role in fighting illegal immigration than Delaware is currently exercising ? And what would you be in favor of doing to expand this role ?

 6.) Do you believe that individual states have the Constitutional power to restrict abortion within their states ?

  So there you are , I know to some of you more “MODERATE” folks these will seem like shocking questions to ask someone running for state Representative , but remember , often people use state offices as stepping stones to national offices, so why shouldn’t we ask ?

  I have gathered from Mrs. Kings web site and her statements that her campaign slogan is “BALANCE “,  BALANCE of spending , BALANCE of jobs, BALANCE of growth and let us not forget , BALANCE of power.

  Well to Mrs. King and anyone else , I ask where is the BALANCE of the issues ?

Massachusetts , Delaware Style

August 26, 2009

  It would seem that with the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy , Massachusetts is in for a special election of their own , similar to that which we here in Delaware went through.

  I know some will say that replacing a person of Mr. Kennedy’s ,um , stature ? Is a far more daunting  exercise than replacing a mere state Senator like Senator Adams. I personally would put our own Senator Adams’ reputation and legacy up against that of Sen. Kennedy’s any day.

  The real similarity between the two special elections actually comes from the fact that like here in Delaware it would seem that family members feel that they are somehow entitled to the Senate seat.

  In this case there are actually two people who think they have some sort of God given right to take over where Sen. Kennedy left off.

  The one being his wife , Vicki Reggie- Kennedy (what is it with these hyphenated women) who was a banking lawyer when she married the Senator. The second person who feels as if the office should be his to inherit is Sen. Kennedy’s nephew and former six term Congressman Joe Kennedy. At least he has actual experience.

  I’m not sure what runs through these peoples minds that gives them the idea that these offices are their by birthright or by marriage. We live in a democracy not a monarchy where we hand down titles to the next in line.

  To add to the audacity of this family , Sen. Kennedy from his death bed , though I find it hard to believe that a man in the final stages of brain cancer was able to formulate such thoughts , wrote a letter asking that the state of Massachusetts change its policy for choosing his replacement. Currently the law states that there must be a special election , to be held within the next five months. The letter, said to be from Sen. Kennedy, asked to have the law changed to allow the Democrat  Gov.  Deval Patrick to hand select the replacement.

  The real story about this is, the fact that just five years ago Sen. Kennedy lead the charge to have the law at that time revoked which would have allowed then Gov. Mitt Romney(who just happened to be a Republican) to select a replacement for Sen. John Kerry who was running for president at the time , had Sen. Kerry won, which he didn’t . Well , “the best laid plans of mice and men, ” as they say.

  The true arrogance of these elitist leftist would seem to know no bounds. Thank goodness that Massachusetts never acted to change the current law and now the people will get to choose their next Senator, though considering the voters of Massachusetts sent Mr. Kennedy back to the Senate time and time again, what chance is there that they will send anyone who isn’t in the pocket of the progressives ?

Ted Kennedy

August 26, 2009

Long time Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away at the age of 77 yrs.

  Known as the Lion of the Senate ,the Senator has long been a leading liberal power house.

  I will forgo the usual listing of his accomplishments due to the fact that many go against my own personal views and it might come off as being happy about his passing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though the Senator was part of many things that I find detrimental to the nation it is not a time to revel in his family’s loss. Many today will take the opportunity to bring up the car , the bridge and the girl and yes it was a terrible thing and makes us ask how does a person who has done such a thing attain such a high office as that of United States Senator. Well voters are a fickled bunch sometimes.

  I send out my prayers for his family , a family that has endured many terrible things over the years, and whether you agree with their politics or not they deserve our prayers. May God hold them in his loving arms through this latest loss and may God forgive Ted Kennedy for his wrongs.