$ 1 Billion Clunker

 On Thursday it was announced that the Federal program known as “CARS” or Car Allowance Rebate System would be suspended due to the fact that the one billion dollars that was supposed to last through Nov. 1st ran out in  a week, that’s right one week.

 The plan  was intended to stimulate the failing auto industry and to remove older  inefficient cars and trucks from the road and replace them with new more efficient models. The program was to do this by offering up to forty five hundred dollars towards a new vehicle.

  So let me get this straight, unlimited government spending is unsustainable ? Really ? Who would have thought it ?

  First let me say that unless they are destroying these old cars that are being traded  in and not re-selling them , then the program does nothing to remove the inefficient cars from the road. And if they are destroying these older cars they are removing the chance for many low income earners to be able to afford a first car or a better car. And if they are shipping them around the world to resell them then they truly don’t care about reducing global carbon emissions.

 What this program does do is subsidize the auto industry. The government is lowering the cost of the vehicles by spending tax dollars. And since the government owns the controlling share of G.M. in many cases it is paying the money back to itself. This is like some bazaar episode of the Twilight Zone.

  This is just another sop to the auto worker’s unions. It is also another attempt to manipulate what should be a free market choice made by the consumer. If I want a smaller car than I will buy one and if I want a gas guzzler and can afford it then I should be able to buy it. But this administration seems to think they are gifted with the power to make every decision for us . And all too often the people are willing to sell their liberty which is their freedom of choice , in this case the price is forty five hundred dollars.

  That price tag seems awful low to me considering the price millions of people have paid over the history of this nation to ensure that liberty.


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