Came In Late

  I have to admit that I came in late to the candidates forum for the candidates for the 19th Senatorial seat , being held in Georgetown tonight by the League of Women Voters. I was listening on WGMD. When I joined the program already in progress the question was about the doubling of the state budget. All of the candidates gave their opinion on the topic and gave some suggestions on how to reverse the trend, that is all except Polly Mervine, she chose not to respond with a “no thank you”.  Really ? Really? No thank you ! Are you kidding me?

 I would say there were no surprises from any of the other candidates on any of the questions , from energy policy, Tidewater rates, and creating jobs.

  When asked what was the biggest issue in the 19th district Joe Booth mentioned Delpoint racino, Matt Opaliski also remarked about Delpoint and gambling in general, Wendy Jones stuck to her Libertarian principles and said the size of  government as the largest problem .

  Mrs. Mervine said  that agriculture is a huge part of our economic recovery, which I agree with one hundred percent. But let us not lose sight that her family is involved in agriculture so we should expect that.

  As I listened , since there were no surprises , I listened for the way the candidates answered and not so much what they were saying.

  Joe Booth comes across as a well informed  speaker with a grasp of the issues . He does have his experience in government to draw from.

  Matt Opaliski also is highly motivated and well informed , he knows what he believes and is willing to speak his mind.

  Wendy Jones made a better showing than at the Cross Roads Church forum, maybe because at the Cross Roads forum Wendy Jones had just had back surgery.

  Polly Mervine came across as practiced and scripted, one might say hollow. Her answers seemed not her own. When the campaign began she was no where to be found, and at the Cross Roads forum she couldn’t spare the time to give answers. Tonight she gave answers, I’m just not sure they were her own.

  In my view this will be a hard choice for conservatives to choose between Opaliski and Booth. Wendy Jones unfortunately doesn’t have a chance to be more than an also ran.

  The easiest choice in this race in my opinion is the choice to not to vote for Mervine. She has mentioned her father many times during this campaign and that she would like to honor him. My opinion is that if she manages to win she may end up a dishonor if she is unable to carry out her duties. I think that if she wishes to become involved she should spend some time coming up to speed on the issues and then run for office and find her own way and quit relying on her father’s name.


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  1. Brian Shields Says:

    Wendy Jones unfortunately doesn’t have a chance to be more than an also ran.

    Why? What disqualifies her in your opinion. Not to be confrontational, I want constructive criticism.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Brian , Wendy Jones is running on the Liberatarian ticket , that’s draw back number one in my opinion. In my opinion in the 19th which Greenwood and Bridgeville sort of dominate, the Libertarian party will find little support. If you factor in Wendy Jones’ personal story in it becomes next to impossible.
    I personally don’t think a third party has a chance in the current climate of party politics, the best third party candidates can do is to stir the pot when it comes to some of the issues that get discussed , which Wendy jones hasn’t done as of yet in my opinion. So I just don’t see her being more than on the ballot .
    Now that being said , Wendy Jones may still be a factor in the election.
    Wendy Jones could syphon votes from all of the candidates to some extent and could swing the election in several different directions. But Wendy Jones winning in my opinion is not one of them.

  3. Ed Heath Says:

    I live in Bridgeville and talking to several Democrats, they say they are not going to vote for Polly riding on the coat-tails of her father then walking out at Crossroads. Of course the robot Dem lever pullers will vote for Polly, but it will be interesting how many Dems don’t vote the party line. I think Opaliski may have a chance. Stategy wise, I think the Republican party made a mistake having Booth run at this time and risk losing the House to a 3/5 majority with his seat. Time will tell.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Ed , in a race like this there are a lot of unknown factors , agreed. As far as it being a mistake ? Could be , but if Rep. Booth want to become Senator Booth this may be his best chance. He is a strong GOP candidate that lives in the district , so it was a good choice for the GOP. If they had gone with a lesser candidate in this special election who may not have had the same chance then Mervine most likely walks away with it and then is the incumbent next year. The unknown was the fact that a strong candidate who identifies himself as a Republican would run on the Independent ticket.
    As for the House 37th , well too early to tell, and will depend on the candidate. Hopefully the GOP can find a candidate with conservative values without caving to the idea of appealing to the enemy left.

  5. Brian Shields Says:

    Personal story? What is circulating? I haven’t heard of it. Drop me an email.

  6. Brian Shields Says:

    Thinking about it, Frank, those who read the disparaging circulating emails weren’t going to vote for her anyway because she’s not republican, so it doesn’t matter.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    Brian , just so you know I never recieved any kind of e-mail about Wendy, I got my information right off of the Libertarian Party of Delaware blog site , and the information was posted by a pro Jones writer.
    You’ve read enough of my writings to know my stand on such issues. I would find it hard to believe that even a Libertarian can put aside their personal beliefs when elected and when voting on such issues. That is why I would not vote for Wendy Jones.
    Does a Wendy Jones have a right to be whatever they want to be ? I suppose so , but I have a right to not vote for someone who may decide to furhter that agenda after being elected. On this one it is not a GOP or Democrat or Libertarian thing , for me it is a personal values issue.

  8. Brian Shields Says:

    Steve Newton’s blog? There isn’t anything on

  9. frankknotts Says:

    Brian , sorry , yes Steve Newtons blog, I hope this link gets you directly to the post, you actually commented on this post about donations.

  10. Brian Shields Says:

    I gotcha. The Pink Pistols argument. Thanks. Bear with me, it has been a long month. Being within days of the election I am waiting for the other shoe to drop at any moment.

    I don’t know how they managed a 2 year campaign for President.

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