So What ?

  At the Meet the Candidates Night , held at the Cross roads Church in Bridgeville , someone asked the question of  Rep. Joe Booth if he had received any contributions from a member of the Adams family or not.

  Rep. Booth answered by saying that it was possible , and that he would be filing his donation disclosure in a few days.

  Well it would seem that a member of the Adams family did contribute to the Booth campaign, in fact they contributed the maximum of six hundred dollars. The contribution was made by Ruthie Adams -Joseph , the widow of Melvin Joseph.

  So I ask , so what ? What if a member of an opposing candidate’s family would contribute to Mr. Booth’s campaign.  All it means is that Mrs. Joseph considers Mr. Booth worhty of the donation and of holding the 19th Senatorial seat, nothing more.

 Anyone who tries to play this as anything else is grasping at  straws.


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