Seven Days Away

 Just seven more days until the special election for the 19th Senatorial Dist. Seat of Delaware.

  Their are no shortages of candidates for this seat left vacant by the passing of long time Senator Thurman G. Adams Jr.

   But the real story would seem to be about what might happen if current Representative Joe Booth of the 37th Representative Dist. were to win this race.

   Even though I have endorsed Mr. Booth I must admit that the prospect of his winning does have certain risk for the GOP in Delaware.

  If Mr. Booth is successful in winning the 19th Senate seat, then that will necessitate another special election to fill his House seat for the 37th.

  What makes this such a high risk poker game for the GOP is that currently in the House the balance is 24 Democrats to 17 Republicans. If the 37th were to swing to the Democrats then it would give them a super majority. This would allow the Democrats along with Gov. Markell  to pass tax hikes and gambling bills pretty much unopposed .

  I still think it is extremely important for Joe Booth to win the 19th Senate seat so that we here in the 19th can continue to have conservative and competent representation.

  I also reconize that it is ever so important to hold the 37th Representative seat in the House. Though I won’t be able to vote in that one , I do encourage all of the citizens of the 37th who have sent Joe Booth to the House multiple times to look to him for guidence and to continue to hold to their values when voting.


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  1. Ed Heath Says:

    This is why I have chosen to vote for Matt Opaliski. You still get a Republican in office and don’t risk a Democrat House majority. I know many Republicans that say they can’t vote for anyone who isn’t on the Republican ticket. My comment to them is sometimes it is not worth winning the battle if it causes you to lose the war! If all of ther republicans would vote for Opaliski, it would be a win-win for the party.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Ed , if you read my endorsement of Joe Booth on this site, “It Was A Hard Choice”, you know that I think Matt is a good guy. But sometimes we must be realistic .
    We must weigh the reality of the situation. All the Republicans won’t vote for Matt, that’s just fact. But he might draw some conservative Democrats to his campaign.
    But the facts are that this is party politics. If we were talking about a liberal candidate running on the Independent ticket , we conservatives would all be talking about how good it would be for Joe Booth that the Independent candidate was going to syphon votes from Polly Mervine.
    So if we are honest we have to admit that Matt will syphon votes from Booth. If he pulls enough he will hand the election to Mervine.
    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have third party candidates or that Matt shouldn’t run. What I am saying, as a citizen of the 19th is that the last thing I want to see happen is for that seat to go to an empty vessle with no real vision for the future, so I am backing Mr. Booth and we will cross the 37th bridge when we get to it. The 37th has shown that it is a conservative district by voting for Booth.
    As for Matt he has a lot going for him , he is qualified, but the fact that he has run twice and lost (though losing to Mr. Adams was no shame) is a draw back and the fact that he is running on the Independent ticket will doom him in my opinion.
    Because of Matt though I think the GOP and the Booth campaign must work twice as hard for voter turn out to make up for any votes Matt may take , if they want to defeat Polly Mervine.


    The Repubs can win both races if they get the right candidate for the 37th after Joe wins, unless of course Matt is the spoiler. Matt can’t win, although he thinks he can. He’s a good guy and I respect him, but he won’t win, so ultimately Joe still wins or Matt causes Polly Mervine to prevail. It all comes doen to how many votes Matt actually gets–30% kills Joe.

    Regardless, the Lewes area has more influence on the 37th than does Georgetown which is why the right candidate (who appeals across the Board) must be chosen by Ron Sams–Sussex GOP Chairman. This is where numbers in the House of Representatives (as Frank pointed out) are extremely significant, not necessarily philosophy? If the GOP picks a right wing, social conservative to run for Joe’s spot in another special election, Lewes will go for the Democrat–guarenteed and the 3/5ths majority will become a reality. Of course if Joe loses it’s a moot point. Why not win both seats for the GOP by being more flexible and preventing the ultimate disaster? A moderate, electable Republican, as is Joe Booth, would still most likely hold the line against tax increases and other issues of concern.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    It is good to see that some things never change. Mr. Bennett still believes in the power of the moderate. Oh let us elect someone who is clear cut fiscal conservative , but don’t dare to elect someone who is willing to put their views about marriage , abortion or gay rights and immigration out there for anyone to see.
    Mr. Bennet , I was at the meet the candidates night at Cross Roads Church and I heard Joe Booth say that he was for the consitutional amendment for marriage protection and that he was against the homosexual discrimination bill. So I too would say to vote for a conservative like Joe Booth. One that isn’t afraid to state his views in public.
    Some Republicans would rahter we nominate people that can’t be bothered to stand up for the life of an unborn child, or to say that homosexuallity is an abomination. They would prefer candidates that will say what ever it takes to win , whether it’s right or wrong. They would like candidates who say whatever the audience they happen to be talking to wants to hear. That’s what a moderate is.
    And since we already have one too many of those types in the U.S. House of Representative named Mike Castle , I don’t think we need to populate the State of Delaware House of Representatives with even more of them.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Oh and by the way if anyone would like a “MODERATE Republican” for a representative maybe they should move to New Castle to the 6th Rep. Dist. where Rep. Tom Kovach would be their Representative, who by the way voted for the homosexual discrimination bill.



    You worry so much about homo- sexuals, rather than important issues like the imigration problem, health insurance, taxes, etc, etc, I wonder if there is not some deep- seeded, latent problem in your head. I would have voted against SB 121, but not for the reasons you would.

    Booth’s reasons were fiscal and equitable reasons, not religious. Joe Booth is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I was the Chairman of his District when he beat John Schroeder by 44 votes. I know him well. I held the line for him over here in Lewes. That’s when the Republican Party was a real party of the people and we didn’t focus on all this ridiculous stuff.

    We worked together regardless of religion or personal belief systems. That party is gone. Which would you rather have, a Republican that you could agree with on 75 % of the issues or a Democrat that you didn’t agree with on any of the issues??? Booth originally won because he was reasonble and understanding and was both conservative and moderate at the same time. I should know, I helped get him elected. Hell, the majority of the GOP leadership in the 35th district is working against him because they don’t think he’s conservative enough–including Lyle Humpton and Sam Wilson?

    Actually Tom Kovach (a fiscal conservative, a capitilist, and an astute lawyer) would win the 37th easily if he was our candidate, but as we know it’s a different world on the west side. Hell and damnation–fire and brimstone, and perceived salvation at the cost of reality is what you seem to focus on. Kovach is so much more than that and so is Joe Booth.

    Regardless, if big Joe wins, the Repubs have nobody that can win the 37th that I know of who’s interested, unless they forbid Lewes from voting. 🙂 The Dems got Frank Shade who can resonate in both Georgetown and Lewes. We’ll see what happens?

  7. Ed Heath Says:

    As a social moderate/ fiscal conservative Republican, I have to agree with Judson on this issue. Over the past few years the Republican Party has forgotten about their fiscal conservative values and focused more on the right-wing Christian issues as they lost their membership. I beleive that fiscal responsibility should be back as the #1 priority, and let the people of each state decide on the social and moral issues. That is why I found the Modern Whig philosophy so appealing

  8. frankknotts Says:

    Ed , let me address you first. You say fiscal responsibility should be priority one and let the people of each state decide on the social and moral issues. Well Ed since we are talking about state legislator here I guess that is exactly what we are doing.
    Now Mr. Bennett, you say I focus only on homosexual issues to the exclusion of immigration and others. Well if you would read and then respond you would see in my second comment on this post I actually listed abortion, immigration and homosexual issues, three of the most talked of social issues.. It would seem that it is yourself that focuses on this one issue.
    You also have a penchant for attacking religion. (For those that may have missed Mr. Bennett’s and my exchange over at Delaware Politics, Mr. Bennett called me a “Bible thumping prick” because of my stand on abortion).
    Mr. Bennett , you seem hung up on fiscal conservatism and social moderate. You keep expounding on what a winning proposition it is. So tell me hows it worked out so far for you in your runs for office? Also you are very proud of your years of service for the GOP. Well maybe we as a party find ourselves in the current situation because of moderates such as yourself.
    I do not wish to forget about fiscal responsibility , lower taxes, smaller government or any of the topics that fall under the banner of fiscal conservative.
    But why must you moderates(which is just a way of saying either you can’t make up your mind or you are trying to fool someone) continue to tell people who are concerned with the decline of society that we should just sit quietly while you moderates vote for things like the discrimination bill. This bill is not just about homosexual rights because it will be used at some point to attack churches, it will be used to attack small businesses costing them thousands or millions and probably their business as well.
    Abortion is an attack on the most vulnerable among us , the unborn. We pass laws to protect adults from murder but say it is a woman’s right to kill a child.In the health care bill being debated the Democrats want the government insurance to pay for abortion. If this is your idea of moderate you can keep it.
    Illegal immigration is destroying this nation’s work force. It drives down wages and allows the immigrants to be used as slave labor in many cases.
    So if you moderates would open your narrow little eyes you would see that all of the so called social issues are actually fiscal issues as well.
    That is why in my view to say you can be conservative on one issue and moderate or liberal on another is either a lie or you are fooling yourself.
    Conservatism is not something you can cherry pick to apply to whichever audience you happen to be speaking to, it is an ideology that if applied in it truest form will appeal to everyone. Well except for the radical left which there is no hope for and the true moderates who there is little hope for because they sway in the political breeze.
    I happen to believe that many voters are starting to see that many candidates who call themselves moderate are realy just charlatans.
    I think we are on the leading edge of the next great conservative movement, we need only to shove aside the weak and the moderate, which are the same thing.


    Ed you and I agree and we are right. That being said, This particular blog started out being about the election in the 19th and has turned into something else. For Frank to say that someone couldn’t be conservative on one issue and moderate or liberal on another is obsurd.

    Frank Knotts seems to have the need to catagorize and Judge all others based on his idea of what makes a true conservative. He knows nothing about history or about the Republican Party. Lincoln’s idea of abolishing slavery by the way was not a conservative principle in his day.. The GOP is the party of Lincoln. I wonder which side Frank would have been on in those days?

    Interestingly, I’m pro life, pro 2nd amendment, a fiscal conservative, a capitilist, an environmentalist, a land conservationist, a managed growth activist, and a Christian. I’m just more personal about my social beliefs than is Frank. I’m definitely more tolerant of life’s realities that is for sure. He’s very limited in his thinking and feels that Conservatism should be limited to his narrow perspective. Without tolerance and opening the big tent to many ideas, this Republican Party is doomed. Take that to the bank.

    Again, I’m Pro-life–always have been and I believe using abortion as a means of birth control is reprehensible. However, the right to choose is the law of the land and until Roe v. Wade is over-turned by the Supreme Court, there is nothing we in Delaware can do about it, especially since there are 150,000 more Dems than Repubs in our state. We need to concentrate on our fiscal values, as Ed said, because that is someting we can change and control. That’s where we should be concentrating, not all this other crap!

    I did call Frank a Bible thumping prick, but it had nothing to do with his stance on abortion. I take it back–he’s just a plain prick who’s looking to pump himself up by writing on this insignificant blog and calling WGMD radio on his cell phone 20 times a day with an opinion on everything— while he’s driving his oil truck. Perhaps he should be paying more attention to the road?

    For sure unlike Frank, I’ve played the political game, at least I’ve tried and stood for something by putting myself on the line. Who was it that said–“Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all”—I think Browing wrote that?

    Regardless, Frank is certainly entitled to opine which he does most frquently, but he is not now or ever will be on the leading edge of anything. Of that I’m positive.

  10. frankknotts Says:

    Well Mr. Bennett , you should use that last post in your next losing campaign to show how tolerent you are. Oh I guess you are only tolerant of your own ideas.
    You say you are pro life , and that until Roe V. Wade is over-turned it is the law of the land. Well tell me Mr. Bennett how do we get it over -turned . By being cowards and afraid to speak our true beliefs so that we might win a county council seat?
    Again you bring back one of the classics, the ” big tent “, well we put up a rather big tent for president with one of your moderates at the top of the ticket, what happenned?
    Your big tent only includes those who think as you do. And that is , win at all cost, compromise all principles in the attempt to win votes. Well Mr. Bennett I happen to believe that when you attempt to be all things to all people , you end up being nothing to no one. It is by deciding who you are and living by a set of rules that we can chart our way through life.
    You say that you are pro- life but you don’t have the courage to stand up for all of the children who are murdered yearly.
    But I thank you for coming to my insignificant site , and please continue to demonstrate your supperior intelect with all of your name calling . I can’t understand why you haven’t won an election .


    Actually, I have won 3 elections in the City of Lewes as a City Council person. I took a significant stand twice on Land Use issues in a County race which had nothing to do with social conservative values. You know nothing about me really. I came within 3 votes against an 8 year incumbent in 2004. In 2008— You supported my REPUBLICAN primary opponent who wanted to help pave over Sussex County by supporting some of the most permissive and LIBERAL land use laws in the United States. By the way, how did he make out in the general election? Interestingly, I won every District in the 37th and the 14th where we both live.

    I do agree that McCain was the wrong choice, but if you knew anything about politics, you’d realize that a DEM victory was inevitable because of the Iraq war. When no weapons of Mass Destruction were found, it was the kiss of death. The American people no longer have the stomach for a prolonged conflict abroad, especially when American troops start getting killed.

    Back to the original premise of your article, The bottom line is that if a Republican is to win the 37th in another Special Election–with the limited time to campaign, if indeed Joe Booth wins his senate race, it will take a well known, fiscal conservative and a tolerant individual who can appeal across the Board to an eclectic group of voters. The 37th District is different than Bridgeville and Greenwood.

    That was my origial point before you chose to get vitriolic as usual.

  12. Ed Heath Says:

    I first like to point out that it is a wonder country we live in to be able to debate our opinions like this, and lets not forget that! However, I do believe it should be done in a respectful manner knowing that we all don’t have the same opinions and views. It’s OK to agree to disagree. There is a lot more going wrong with this country than just social and moral issues. If the extreme right wing conservatives and the extreme left wing liberals could put their narrow views aside, they’d realize that more is at stake. People are sick to death of the party bickering and lack of common sense on both sides. This may explain why the Independents now out number both the Democrats and the Republicans. It is time we all start working together to get out of this mess!

  13. frankknotts Says:

    Ed , I appreciate your reasoned response. I do try to be respectful but sometimes fall prey to my more sarcastic side.
    And to you Mr. Bennett you may be correct that I know little about you , as you sir know little about me. And if you knew as much as you think you do about politics you would have realized that you ran too far to the left in a Republican primary where your tactic of appealing to the liberal eco fringe wasn’t in play. I can grant you that that side of the county is very different then the westside of Sussex. And believe me , as for myself and many others we are quite thankful for it.
    But that being said , I for one will not compromise what I believe. You can call that narrow minded if you wish , I consider it integrity. Something we could use more of in our candidates and elected officials.
    As for supporting your opponent in your primary race, well how much influence could I have had on that race? I don’t live in that district and I didn’t even have my insignificant little blog site.


    OK Frank, Compromise is the essence of Democracy. Enough from me. Perhaps some day we will find common ground. God bless.

  15. frankknotts Says:

    Mr. Bennett , you say “compromise is the essence of Democracy”. Compromise in my view is just another word for capitulate. Yes there are times when debating bills that you will compromise to come to an agreement, but as for me I will not compromise my personal beliefs or values.
    How do you trust an elected official who says they are a fiscal conservative , who then turns around and votes for TARP and cap and trade ? Such as Rep. Mike Caslte
    It is this muddying of the conservative waters that allows these frauds and their type the wiggle room to be such hypocrites.
    Why should I vote for a candidate that is sending mixed messages during the campaign or why should I vote for someone who has shown through a voting record that they are not what they say they are.

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