President Obama’s Albatross

  As the debate over President Obama’s health insurance reform continues, it looks less likely that it will be passed on the original time table the President set for it , which was before congress breaks for the summer.

   The sticking points seem to center around the cost to tax payers and the amount of government control over our personal choices when it comes to health care. To the President these seem like trivial points, but to Republicans and the “Blue Dog” Democrats and I might add, to a growing number of American citizens according to the polling , these are exactly the reasons not to pass such over reaching reforms.

   This push for health care reform has been a center piece of both the Obama campaign and his administration since taking office. The President has said many times that it was crucial that this reform happen as soon as possible to keep, oh I don’t know, to keep the world from ending I guess.

   This health care reform agenda has been labeled by everyone involved , from the congress to the media, to the Obama Administration itself, as the “Obama Health Care Plan”.

  But as we have watched support for the sweeping take over by government of one sixth of the national economy wain, I have noticed the President trying to distance himself from it and to say that this is not about him or about defeating his agenda.

  I say it is precisely about him and his socialist agenda and defeating both.

  Is there anyone out there who can honestly say that if this plan had gone sailing through congress as the President had intended , that the media and the administration would not have been trumpeting the success of the     “OBAMA HEALTH CARE PLAN “.

  It is important that the Republicans and those conservative Democrats continue to hold off the pressure to put this to any sort of a vote, because the longer they can, the more time the citizens have to discover just what is involved in this bill.

  When this bill is defeated , and I pray that it will be, it is also important that it be laid directly at the feet of the President who was so in favor of it and to make sure that it is seen as the crushing defeat that it will be to his administration. 

  And heaven forbid that it should be passed , but if it is then it is important that it be laid directly at the feet of the President who was so in favor of it, so that when the people finally have their eyes opened they will realize that it was President Obama and his co-conspirators , Pelosi and Reid who were responsible for it.

  I believe that if this health care bill is defeated , as it should be , it will end up being the albatross that hangs around the neck of this president for the remainder of his one term.


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